Rev Joan Reid

Aug 12-17:  Chris Deserio

Private Readings​

Friday August 12th - Spirit Messages with Fork and Spoon Bending

​Saturday, August 13th  - Being a Channel For Spirit Through Trance Mediumship

​Saturday, August 13th - Let’s Hear What the Animals Have To Share
​Sunday, August 14th - Breathing Life Into the Light That Is Spiritualism

​Sunday, August 14th- ​Spirited Self: Tips & Tools For Using Your Intuitive Gift In Everyday Life

July 22-25: Rev. Kathleen Hoffman

Private Readings

Saturday, July 23rd - “A” Cold Case Study”

Saturday, July 23rd - How to do a “Spirit Card”

​Sunday, July 24th - The Do’s and Don’ts of “Manifesting”

Aug 26-28:  Joan Reid

​Friday, August 26th - Listening To Your Inner Voice through Art & Imagery

Saturday Aug 27: Dowsing Class

​Sunday, August 28th - Hawaiian Energetics

Grace Harrington Murdoch
Louis Gates
Mediumship Readings

July 15-17:  Grace Harrington Murdoch

Astro Readings

Friday, July 15th - Energy Reading Level One

Saturday July 16th - Crystal Healing 101

Sunday July 17th  - Tracking Lunar Cycles for work, play, rest and intuitive development: Bring your astrology chart!

August 18-21:  Dr. Louis Gates

Private Readings

​Thursday, August 18th - Meet your Guides and Teachers

​Saturday, August 20th - Trance message service with Lucerne & the 47

​Sunday, August 21st - Advanced Spiritual Healing

Rev Kathleen Hoffman
Chris Deserio

July 8-11: Jason McCuish

Saturday, July 9 - Principles not Principal

Saturday, July 9 - The Intersection of Healing and Mediumship

​Saturday, July 9 - Mediumship in 2022

Sunday, July 10 - The Philosophy of Spiritualism

Joy Sagar

Aug 5-7:  Joe Shiel

Saturday Aug 6: The Reverence and Decorum of Serving a Spiritual Community

Mediums Day Readings

Joe Shiel
Jason McCush

July 29-31: Joy Sagar

​Private Readings

​Friday, July 29 - Bodies of Men as Presented by Harry Edwards.

​Saturday, July 30 - Healing, Tools to HEAL yourSELF

Saturday, July 30 - BLUE // GREEN // YELLOW​

​Tuesday August 2 - Special Workshop — Experience Distance Healing, How to’s

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