Colin Hall and Graham Connolly

Aug 10-14:  Chris Deserio

Thursday Aug 10 - Psychometry

Friday August 11th - Message Circle with Spoon Bending

Saturday August 12th -Table Tipping

Saturday August 12th Animal Communication

Sunday August 13th Psychic Readings with Ribbons

Camp Etna Mediums Week

July 20-24: Joy Sagar

Saturday, July 22nd - Healing, Tools to Heal Yourself

Saturday, July 22ns - Blue//Green//Yellow

​Sunday, July 23rd - What's on the Other Side?

Monday July 24th Distance Healing

Aug 3-6:  Joan Reid

​Friday, August 4th - Dowsing

Saturday Aug 5th: Past Lives

​Sunday, August 6th - Hawaiian Energetics​

Gurdeep Bhogal
Mediumship Readings

July 13-17:  Gurdeep Bhogal

Friday, July 14th - Atma Soul Practice

Saturday July 15th - Sunrise Yoga

Saturday July 15th  - Mudra Sacred Yogic Seal Practice

Saturday July 15th Manra Sacred Sonic Practice

Sunday July 16th Shakti Trance Gathering

August 24-28:  Camp Mediums

Friday Message Circle

Saturday Exploring Spiritual Gifts

Saturday Expanding Mediumship Skills

Saturday Chakra Balancing

Sunday Learn Hypnosis

Joan Reid
Chris Deserio

July 6-10: Jason McCuish

Saturday, July 8 - Writing As a Healing Tool
with Joanne Pfeiderer

Saturday, July 8 - The Parallels of the Original Teachers of Jesus and Spiritualistm with Robin Reale

​Saturday, July 8 - Mediuship as a Way of Life

Sunday, July 9 - The Philosophy of Spiritualism

Sunday July 9 Universality of Spiritualism

Joy Sagar

Aug 17-21: Colin Hall and Graham Connolly

Thursday August 17th Communication with Nature
with Graham Connolly

Saturday August 19th Mediumship and Spiritual Art with Colin Hall

Tueday August 22nd Intuition, Psychic and Mediumship
with Graham Connolly

Mediums Day Readings

and Table Tipping

Grace Harrington Murdoch
Jason McCuish

July 27-31: Grace Harrington Murdoch

​Friday, July 28 - How to Create Crystal Grids

​Saturday, July 29- Finding Your Mask

Sunday July 30th - Awakening the Queen and King

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Table Tipping 7 pm Temple