Cottages for Sale at Camp Etna
We have several cottages for sale to qualified Spiritualists. These cottages were built in the early 1900s and represent historical significance of Camp Etna. They need some TLC but all have the potential of being a restful place where one can relax and enjoy the quiet natural surroundings of life in the country.

Cottages are sold only to those who qualify. You must go through an application process, be a practicing Spiritualist and active in a Spiritualist church and interview with the board of directors. 

Please note that membership applications require a summer of active participation and volunteering at camp. As we are a volunteer community, we want to get to know you and also for you to get to know us as well.

Call the camp office with questions and any interest at 207-269-2094.

Camp Etna is run by dedicated volunteers during the camp season of July and August with some additional programs being offered in June and September.

Throughout the years, Camp Etna has been home to many talented mediums and healers who have shared their spiritual knowledge and insights to those visiting the campground. Camp Etna welcomes people from all backgrounds interested in exploring spiritual issues.

The camp cottages center around a common green. The peaceful 27 wooded acres are an ideal setting for reflection. Visitors can stroll the grounds, visit the healing rock or walk down to Etna Pond. The natural beauty makes it a wonderful place for a personal retreat.

Camp Etna has seen many changes over the years but it still retains its historical significance. There are about 50 cottages on the 27 acre property. The common buildings include a temple, community meetinghouse, an inn, and the auxiliary building. The Auxiliary houses our association office and library as well as several apartments. We are in the process of fundraising to bring our buildings up to current day standards.

We hope that one day Camp Etna will provide state-of-the-art accommodations that retain its historical charm. We intend to host large spiritually-based events that enlighten and provide opportunity for people to relax in a natural setting and enjoy these healing grounds.
We, at Camp Etna see a bright future. We are in the process of rebirth but we have never missed an August camp meeting program. We invite you to come and walk these spiritually-rich and peace-filled grounds, get a reading from one of our many talented mediums, visit the healing rock and other areas for quiet repose. We wish you welcome and we hope to see you soon!

The Etna Spiritualist Association dba Camp Etna is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.   Contact Camp Etna at: (207) 269-2094

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