Etna Spiritualist Association Members Information
Camp Etna Board of Directors

To contact the Board President:   Please email and it will be forwarded.

PRESIDENT - Krista Wright (term ends 2019) 

VICE PRESIDENT - Ernie VanDen Bossche (term ends 2018)
SECRETARY - Becky Grant (term ends 2019)
TREASURER - Susan Joyce (term ends 2018)
To contact the Treasurer, email:
TRUSTEES -  Angie Butler (1 year term ends 2018), Marcia Ruland (3 year term ends 2019),
Vacant (2 year term ends 2019)

Next Board Meetings:

○ Board Meeting - Monday June 11 10am
○ Board Meeting - Monday July 16 10am
○ Board Meeting - Tuesday Aug 14 10am

Committees: We are always seeking volunteers for committee work, please listed below are chair people

  • Public Relations: Becky and Mike Grant, Kari Heistad
  • Fund Raising Marcia Ruland
  • Program: Krista Wright, Kari Heistad, Ernie VandenBossche and Scott Wood
  • Housekeeping and Room Rentals: Sue Jalbert, Janice Nelson Kroesser
  • Building Management: Ernie Vanden Bosche, Bob Talbot
  • Ground and Garden Committee: Karlene Tanner and Dee Powers, Wachain Welch
  • Water and Septic:  Ken Kroesser, Ernie Vanden Bosche
  • Bylaws: Cathy McIntyre, Ernie Vanden Bosche, Janice Nelson-Kroesser
  • Grievance
  • Advertising Committee: Ernie VanDen Bossche

If you are willing to serve on a camp committee, please email us and we will be happy to send you the current list of committees. Likewise, if you are trying to reach a member of a committee, please submit an email to: and it will be forwarded onto the appropriate committee chairperson.

Summer Organizing Meeting:  Members BBQ and Gathering Saturday June 16, 5 pm

Camp Etna is preparing to open for the season. Still there is lots to do to be ready and beautiful for our camp season and we will be having an open for the season meeting. This is not a members meeting. It is an informal meeting to get together and create a game plan for Camp and throw around wonderful ideas for our season and seasons ahead.

Camp Work Weekends              
These weekends are focused on getting camp ready for the summer season. Friends and members of camp (and anyone else interested in helping) are encouraged to attend.

Camp Committee Membership

Revised Bylaws: Revised bylaws for the association may be picked up at the camp office or downloaded to the right.

Camp Etna Meeting -- Save the Date!      September 15, 2018
The next Annual Membership Meeting will be held on second weekend after Labor Day. This is on September 15, 2018 from 10:00 AM until completed. The meeting will be held in the Inn at Camp Etna.


If you know of anyone that would like to join us here at Camp Etna let us know and we will send them a Membership Application. To become a member applicants must be an active member of a Spiritualist church, have volunteered on the campground for at least one summer and pass an interview and selection process with the board of directors.

Cottage Owners

Information on cottage ownership can be found here.


 Camp Etna   A spiritual summer camp run by the Etna Spiritualist Association