Joy Sagar was born, raised and formally educated in India. He embraced Spiritualism as his religion since 2003. He resides and practices in Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Florida. He enjoys continuing education which takes him all over the world to study and travel, spiritualism as he continues to develop his Spiritual Gifts. Joy enjoys teaching, speaking and demonstrating in Spiritualist Churches since 2013 and is welcomed for his dedication to Spiritualism.

Private Readings: 386-479-5225

Friday July 29  10 AM - 12 PM $30
Bodies of Men as Presented by Harry Edwards.

We will discuss the bodies of men as presented by Harry Edwards. We will discuss and learn how to use it for HEALING, Psychic work and more. Feeling intrigued … of course you are welcome to join the workshop to find more.

Saturday July 30  10 AM - 12:30 PM $30
Healing, Tools to HEAL yourSELF

The will to heal, is with all conscious beings. This two hour workshop will lead you to better understanding your own make up and how to progress with effectively heal yourSELF.

Saturday July 30  2 PM — 4 PM $30

Keep guessing, these are three essential colors, that hold a lot of key information in a Human Aura. Now, is this enough… to draw you in this workshop on training yourself to see or feel an aura and much more. 

Tuesday August 2***  10 AM  — 12 PM  $10
Special Workshop — Experience Distance Healing, How to’s

Join in this special event of Distance Healing How To’s.
Talk, Discussion, Experience.

All funds collected for this Special Workshop are 100% donation to Camp Etna

Friday, August 26th  10am–12pm and 1pm–5pm $50

Listening To Your Inner Voice through Art & Imagery

Find out what part of you needs more attention

Gently reprogram yourself to include that part of you into your life

Learn more about yourself through your own symbol system

And have fun. You do not have to be an artist to participate.

This is a 2 part workshop. I offer a reading about what you create during the afternoon session. If you have favorite art supplies, bring them. Otherwise, we will have art materials for you.

Saturday August 27, 2022 10-12 pm and 1-5 pm $50


Dowsing, also known as “divining”, is an intuitive art and discipline used in both ancient and modern times all over the world. It is a technique for bringing information from the intuitive or subconscious senses to the attention of the rational mind, so it has potential value in every area of human lives. Dowsers find it a valuable tool in both their work and their everyday lives.

There will be handouts to learn map dowsing, chart dowsing, and body dowsing. Bring your pendulum and L-rods. Dowsing kits will be available for purchase.

Kits include a pendulum, a set of L-rods and dowsing booklet for $20.00. 
If you have your own pendulum the kit is $15.00
If you only need the book $10.00

Sunday, August 28th  1pm-5pm and 7pm–9pm $50
Hawaiian Energetics

Hawaiian Energetics provides a way of healing, living, and understanding the world around us in a deep and connected way. Based in the ancient living and healing ways of Hawaii, Hawaiian Energetics assists seekers to grow, learn, help others as well as themselves, and improve the world around them.

Hawaiian Energetics is an energy treatment. It was created by the ancient Hawaiian traditions originally used by the medical Kahuna. They believed that we have 3 bodies and when working with them, can help a person be healthier. These bodies are the physical, etheric, and astral. The ancient Hawaiians used the qualities of the elements Fire, Water, Air, and Earth to relieve pain, stress, and help to bring balance to those they worked with.

     The elements are the building blocks of the physical realities we exist in. All of creation is comprised of various forms and combination of these elemental energies. As the qualities and strengths of the elements interplay with the spiritual aspects of the universe, the formations of our lives develop. Our continued healthy functioning is regulated by these same universal forces. The kahuna of Hawaii have a timeless understanding and respect for these universal laws.

People will learn how to generate and direct the elements, and their uses in a treatment. Participants will experience the effects of the elements on different parts of the body, and how there can be life changing healing experiences. This class is good for individual growth as well as adding to ones “tool box” of modalities to help others. An Immune System booster treatment will be taught.

July 22,23,24,25 - Rev. Kathleen Hoffman

July 29,30,31 - Joy Sagar

August 26,27,28 - Reverend Joan Reid

August 18,19,20,21 - Dr. Louis Gates

Camp Etna has a full list of presenters for this summer! Check out what each presenter has to offer and maybe something will spark your interest:

August 12,13,14 - Chris DeSerio

Program Info

Rev. Jason McCuish is the pastor of the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism. For the past twenty years, Jason has been doing the work as a Spiritualist. Whether it is teaching courses, creating curriculum, or serving spirit wherever called, Jason does so with passion and integrity. Through his experiences with Spiritualism, Jason has answered his life’s calling with his work for religion, at the high school where he teaches, on the field as a coach, and as a recognized volunteer in the community.

Saturday, July 9  10AM – 12PM $25
Principles not Principal

Instructor: Rev. Jason McCuish

In Spiritualism, we do not have a dogma or creed, but we do have a set of Principles. This set of principles is meant to support us and help us. While many religions focus on teaching us how we should live and the way we should live, the principles of Spiritualism are meant to gently lead us while we discover and deepen our understanding of Infinite Spirit. Join us for an exploration of the principles while we share with each other the many ways the principles are busy guiding us to a better physical and spiritual life.

Saturday, July 9  1PM – 5PM  $50
The Intersection of Healing and Mediumship

Instructor: Dr. Diane Hansen and Rev. Jason McCuish

Many people visit Spiritualism for the first time looking to connect with a medium. Most people who stay after that first visit do so because of the beauty that comes from the healing offered through the Spiritualist practice of laying-on-of-hands. In a lot of ways, Healing and Mediumship are treated as two separate phenomena, but both mediums and healers have been accessing the same energy long before the advent of Modern Spiritualism. Join us as we discuss and explore the ways that Spiritualists use energy for both healing and mediumship. Together, we will experiment with energy, analyze the ways it is used for both mediumship and healing, and discuss the ways that we can access this energy to create more profound spiritual experiences.

Saturday, July 9  7PM – 9PM  $10 donation
Mediumship in 2022
Facilitator: Rev. Jason McCuish

This discussion-based evening will center around a conversation about the ways that mediums connect with energy and utilize that energy to bring healing and proof of the continuity of life. Not all mediums are the same, and mediumship has changed quite a bit since the Fox sisters first heard rappings in 1848. Today, mediumship has become quite mainstream, but the ways that mediums work varies greatly from one medium to the next. Whether you are a medium or are just interested in how mediums work, please join us for this conversation about the different ways mediums access energy, elevate vibrations, and connect to the higher side of life.

Sunday, July 10 1PM – 5PM  $35
The Philosophy of Spiritualism
Instructor: Rev. Jason McCuish

In a religion with no dogma or creed, is there a fine line between what Spiritualists do and do not believe? And if there is no dogma, who decides? Join us for an afternoon discussion and exploration as we delve into the philosophy of Spiritualism. Utilizing the ideas and concepts of philosophy in general, we will delve into conversation and discussions about how the philosophy of Spiritualism has shaped our beliefs and understanding of life, death, and the afterlife.

Grace Harrington Murdoch has been practicing energy healing, astrology, flower essence therapy and more since 2009.  She is a Reiki Master Teacher, a Registered Polarity Educator, RYSE03 practitioner, and has apprenticed in herbalism, the Munay Ki Rites and more.  Her passion is to teach and share all the esoteric wisdom that has been passed down to her through many teachers. 

She is the author of The Crystal Universe Deck, a fine art oracle that combines crystals and astrology.  And she is also the author of the book Child Awake, which is a book of spiritual lessons for children and your inner child to heal, thrive and grow.  

She runs her practice virtually and in person from Magnolia, MA and you can find her at for services & at for classes.  

She will do private astrological readings: 978-798-4755 

Astro Readings

By calculating your date of birth, the exact time you were born, and your place of birth we find out what your astrological birth chart looks like. This chart is a very detailed map of your life. It often illuminates challenges you have faced, strengths that you carry within you, what types of experiences you are learning in this lifetime, and so much more. Astrological charts give you the permission to truly embody more of who you are. In a 60-minute reading we can also explore the planetary transits going on in your life, which are the energetic themes that are caused by the current placements of the planets and how they affect your personal chart. Specialized readings are available such as Career/ Work/ How to attract Abundance, etc! Inquire if you have a specific topic you would like to address. Price: 133.00, and includes 45 minutes of prep time & 60 minute reading.

Friday, July 15th 10-12 am $44
Energy Reading Level One

Energy Reading is a class about honing your energy to be able to receive information clearly, and thus read the energy of your clients, the room or yourself.  This is a great class if you also provide healing to your clients, or if you are just wanting some ways to understand how to receive more clear guidance. In this class we will examine energy clearing tools for your energy field to become a clear channel to receive information, we will discuss the role of synchronicity in our lives, and also we will get some chances to practice telepathy skills and more. This includes a handout and a digital energy healing recording. 

Saturday July 16th  2-4 pm $33 
Crystal Healing 101

In this class we will learn how & why crystals help us heal, by understanding the nature of their vibration.  We will practice enhancing communication with the mineral world and using our intuition to guide this connection so we can use stones in our lives, work, and healing effectively. You will also learn how to take care of your crystals as well. This includes a handout and a personal crystal to take home.

Sunday July 17th 2-3:30 pm  $33
Tracking Lunar Cycles for work, play, rest and intuitive development: Bring your astrology chart! 

This is a workshop to explore how to track lunar cycles and make the most of your life, by being in harmony with the lunar cycles. We will examine how to track the moon around your birth chart, ideal times for career, wealth and rest, and we will learn to work with the magic of the moon as well. This includes a handout and a video replay of me teaching this live as well

July 8,9,10,11 - Jason McCuish

August 5,6,7 - Joe Shiel

Rev. Kathleen Hoffman, is Pastor of The First Spiritualist Church of Onset, Ma. She received her certificates of course completion from the American Federation of Spiritualist Churches and is certified under the Onset Spiritualist Church as a Certified Medium, Healer and Minister. Kathleen is certified in the following practices: Reiki Master Teacher/Magnified Healing, Hypnotherapy, Yuen Method, Theta Healing, Fung Shui, Akashic Records & is a graduate of the Radiant Healing School and also a Spirit Artist.

Kathleen enjoys her day work as a Counselor/Advocate/ Teacher/Trainer for Domestic Violence and is Licensed in Drug and Alcohol Addiction and facilitates Education and Outreach for a victim service agency for over 30 years. Kathleen has dedicated her life work in the human service field, empowering adults and children of various ages to open to their highest potential and life purpose.

Kathleen will be available for private readings: 774-454-3985

Saturday, July 23rd 10am – 12pm $25 Donation

“A” Cold Case Study”

We will use our psychic abilities and guides to help us get the information about the perpetrator and the victims. This class is very interesting and informative you can be any level of development.

Saturday, July 23rd 1pm – 3pm $25 Donation

How to do a “Spirit Card”

Kathleen was given this by her mother and grandmother from the Spirit side when she was administering to a friend who lost her husband of 53 years. It’s a fabulous story and a wonderful way to bring in Spirit. You don’t have to be an artist.

Sunday, July 24th 1pm – 3pm $30 Donation 

The Do’s and Don’ts of “Manifesting”

Tools and practices and a little bit of Fung Shui~
Napoleon Hill said: “If you think you can, You Can!" and “If you think you can’t, You Won’t”! If you need motivation come and join us!

July 15,16,17 - Grace Harrington Murdoch

​​Paying for Programs and Registration

Pay ahead of time with PayPal

If you would like to pay directly with a check please send a made out to 

Etna Spiritualist Association
77 Stage Rd. Etna, Maine 04434

(207) 269-2094

Places are not reserved until full payment has been received.

August 6: The Reverence and Decorum of Serving a Spiritual Community
Full Day Workshop  10-12 pm and 2-4 pm  $50

Serving as a platform for Spirit for the same of a Spiritual community can be one of the most extraoadinary and enlightening endeavors of your life as a servant of God's hope for this world.

Understanding the protocol, correct energies and the miraculous phenomena will greatly influence the presence you hold, the inspiration you deliver and the spirit connection you represent so that you can move hearts, change minds and mend the broken.

Your disciplined personal endeavors can help save a soul, a family and even a community and your evidential efforts can encourage even the deepest skeptic to seek the love of God in all they do.

Please join Rev. Joseph Shiel for a full day of inspirational and informational instruction and practical exercises for improving your confidence and your collaboration with spirit for the highest and best in your public presentations.

Rev. Dr. Louis Gates Medium /Healer/ Teacher Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Pastor Of Colby Temple in Florida

Readings are $50 for half hour call 386-748-7242 or email

Thursday, August 18th 7pm-9pm $25

Meet your Guides and Teachers (includes a meditation CD)
For those who want to learn more about their rmediumship  This workshop will be a lecture format where you will learn how your guides work with you daily and how to communicate with them through meditation. 

Saturday, August 20th 1pm-3pm $25
Trance message service with Lucerne & the 47
Lucerne is my Trance Guide who channels through me. When I refer to the 47, it is a group of guides that work with him and he is the spokesperson for the group. Everyone who attends will receive a message.

Sunday, August 21st $25   5-7 pm

Advanced Spiritual Healing
Do you want to challenge your present level and achieve a stronger connection with the Spirit world with more effective results? If you want to genuinely advance your healing abilities, then this exciting workshop is for you.

​Chris DeSerio, MA, CHt, is a trance, platform, and physical medium as well as an energy healer, metaphysical tutor, author, and clinical hypnotherapist whose spent the past 20 years teaching psychic development, mediumship, energy healing throughout the country.

Private Readings: 201-233-4838

Friday August 12th 7pm-9pm $35
Spirit Messages with Fork and Spoon Bending

Many of you have had the experience and subsequent joy of having loved ones, spirit guides and others touch in through your psychic senses or those of another medium, providing evidence of survival and messages of hope and healing. This seance doesn't look to take away from this significance, but add to it in experiencing the Spirit World through your regular senses.  Lights appearing and disappearing, temperature changes, being touched, hearing sounds, and seeing Chris' face change are just a few of the possibilities of Spirit manifesting in this very special gathering whilst various spirit guides and friends will touch in and share their thoughts, philosophy, or simply to say hello through the use of his voice throughout the course of this gathering with Spirit. The seance will kick of learning and practicing spoon and fork bending so as to raise the vibration, and have your own keepsake from this very special evening. Please note that roughly half of the time will be spent in dim-light and dark conditions so that being comfortable with this aspect is a must for the best possible results with Spirit. 

Saturday, August 13th 10am-5pm $120
Being a Channel For Spirit Through Trance Mediumship

For those who've taken a trance class with Chris before, you'll know that hands-on practice is emphasized, but further you will be afforded the opportunity not only for more practice, but to add to the ways you experience trance and in tuning into the presence of Spirit as you play the role of both trance medium as well as assisting Chris with other students.  For everybody taking this class, their will be a strong focus on allowing spirit guides, master teachers, loved ones, and others from the Spirit World to draw closer to your energy so that you and those around you can benefit from their positive energy, influence, thoughts, and teachings as this blending of energy allows you to work with Spirit more intimately in allowing them to communicate more directly as it’s through you and your energy rather than to you and then to the person receiving whether it’s a message, a healing, or some other form of kindness and wisdom.  This positions trance in a way that gives it practical value in in that it enhances and adds to some of your already existing skills in being a vehicle for the Spirit World.  Topics will include:       

1)  The Many Levels of Trance and Their Overlapping
2)  Preparing for Your Trance Experience
3)  Ways to Achieve, Maintain, and Move From One State of Trance To the Next Effectively
4). Methods For Moving from the Trance State Back to Full Conscious Awareness
5)  Knowing How To Match the Level of Trance with What You're Looking to Accomplish
6)  The Role of Trance in Inspired Speaking, Mental Mediumship, Writing, Channeling, Indirect Voice (Trance Communication) and Physical Mediumship

Saturday August 13th 7pm-9pm $35
Let’s Hear What the Animals Have To Share

Your animal companions offer you their unique sense of love, joy, and fun.  So in the moment and clear in their personalities and desires, they make for great teachers in simply being themselves and your being able to share in their experiences.  Our animal companions, be they still with you or in the Spirit World, have so much more to share than on the face of things.  Further still, the animals who cross your path or you come across in nature have a rich history coupled with their own guidance and messages too.

The focus of this class:
- Connecting at a Psychic Level with Animals Still Here
- How To Purposefully Establish Conversation with Animals In the Spirit World
- Greater Awareness and Receptivity To Signs From Your Departed Animals
- Recognizing and Applying the Lessons of Your Animal Companions In Your Own Life
- Understanding When Animals In Nature are Messengers and How To Listen

No experience is necessary in psychic development, mediumship, or animal communication to participate.  And if you like, you're welcome to bring along photos of animal companions here and in Spirit for some of the exercises.

An animal lover all his life, your tutor, Chris DeSerio, is a metaphysician wearing many hats professionally for over 20 years including those of medium (psychic), medical intuitive, and healer.

Sunday, August 14th 1-3 pm $40
Breathing Life Into the Light That Is Spiritualism

In this workshop a deep exploration of the spiritualist principles will be embarked upon in ways that not only provide clearer meaning to the words themselves, but practical ways in which to put them into action so as to do your part in reaping and sharing in all the benefits to be welcomed from them into your life.

A large part of this examination of the potential thoughts and feelings involved will have you engage in exercises that demonstrate the power of Spirit within that allows you to better cultivate a relationship in first seeing you as being limitless!

How you stand in relation to others and the bigger picture, ways in which to transform these connections to get the best for all, and of greatest importance where you want to take it will further be brought forward in ways that’re full of growth and success.

Sunday August 14th 7-9 pm $35

Spirited Self:Tips & Tools For Using Your Intuitive Gift In Everyday Life

Tapping into your intuition, your boundless potential, is exciting and fun.  It’s where the expression of looking within for answers does actually work.  In this highly participatory workshop you’ll learn ways to access this treasure trove of information and guidance, better make use of what you receive, and strengthen this inherent connection over time.  Further still, throughout this process you’ll attain personal insights into your own way of living and areas of welcome growth that feel totally doable as well as build trust in what you receive thus allowing you to approach life issues and decisions with greater assurance of more desirable outcomes.