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Gurdeep Bhogal: Certified Medium, Trance Medium, Mediumship Development Teacher, Shakti Embodiment Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Teacher. Born in Kenya, raised in England and of Indian heritage, Gurdeep now lives and works in Massachusetts. Born into a Sikh family with the tenet of service at the center of life, Gurdeep was influenced by the Eastern philosophy and Religions from her Indian ancestry. Fascinated by the eternal questions about the true nature of existence, Gurdeep embarked on a seeking path of deep enquiry into Energy Medicine, Mediumship, the afterlife, Yoga and Meditation. Gurdeep has spent many years unfolding profound Spiritual gifts such as: Psychic Mediumship, Trance Mediumship & Healing, Reiki and Yoga.  Gurdeep has a deep knowledge of the mystical aspects of Yoga including Mantra and subtle body practices. Gurdeep’s relationship with Shakti (The Goddess vibration of Spirit) permeates all of her work.

August 24-28  Featuring Camp Etna Mediums. 

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Saturday, July 8  7-9 PM $20

Mediumship As a Way of Life
Instructor: Rev. Jason McCuish

Mediumship as a Way of Life - $20 – Saturday (7 pm – 9pm)
This workshop will ask participants to engage in meaningful conversations about how Mediumship has shaped the religion of Spiritualism and why the work done by mediums is about much more than messages and proof of the continuity of life. With a focus on how mediumship enhances the way of life of a medium and others around them, participants will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of how mediumship provides us with the promise of everlasting life, but it can also enhance the way that we live now in the present. There is no experience as a medium required, but participation by practicing mediums is encouraged.

Sunday July 9th 1-3:30 pm $25

Natural Law and the Philosophy of Spiritualism

Instructor: Rev. Jason McCuish
Join us for an afternoon of conversation and a dive into the ways that Natural Law governs all matter, both physical and spiritual. This course will look at the philosophy of the religion of Spiritualism and discuss the ways that Natural Law weaves its way into our religion, our principles, and our way of life as spiritual beings practicing the religion of Spiritualism.

Sunday, July 9  7-9PM  $20
Universality of Spiritualism

Instructor: Rev. Jason McCuish
This course will ask participants to engage in meaningful conversations about other religious practices as we dive into a discussion about comparative religion. While the workshop will present teachings of American Spiritualists like Andrew Jackson Davis and briefly address the dogmas of the big three (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam), participants will also begin to tie the threads of spiritual existence together by considering the universal themes of religious life that we all practice regardless of denomination or dogma.


Rev. Jason McCush: is the Pastor of the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism in Massachusetts. For the past twenty years, Jason has been cultivating his craft as a Spiritualist, inside and outside of the church. Jason has a genuine love for Spiritualism and teaching, in general. In addition to his role as pastor, Jason is a nationally award-winning high school teacher, a football coach, and a mentor to many young men and women from his hometown. 

Rev. Robin Reale (ABD): Special Education Public Policy, is an ordained Spiritualist Minister and Metaphysician through the Fellowships of the Spirit, Lily Dale, NY. Robin serves Spiritualist churches throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Indiana, and New York as lecturer, medium, and Spiritualist historian. November 1, 2000 was dedicated Robin Reale Day in Massachusetts following receipt of the prestigious Eugene Rooney Public Service Award for excellence in teaching and training. She served in Peace Corps Chad and Senegal and consulted in Lithuania to rebuild the education system after communism.

Joanne Pfleiderer: is a spiritual counselor, interfaith minister, and founder of Wellsprings Ministries, which provides services for those seeking spiritual guidance in the everyday and special moments in their lives. Her practice includes spiritual guidance and communication to help clients release anxiety and pain, bring closure to losses, rebuild self-esteem, and develop positive life goals. She completed a two-year ministry program at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY, and is a minister there. An engaging presenter, she has taught children and adults in workshops across the country.

Friday, July 14 4– 5:30PM  $50
Atma Soul Practice

Connect with Tantric-based meditation techniques and ignite your awareness of Consciousness. The Soul Practice is all about connecting with the Soul in a non-conceptual way, using Tantric based meditation techniques. In this workshop, we explore and grow our relationship with our essence (the Soul) enabling a deeper understanding of Being.  This Practice invites opening the awareness to Consciousness. Explore the relationship between the Soul and the Infinite Awareness through practice, and enable the presence of the Soul to become more pervasive. When one lives through the Soul, the barriers to compassion and connection melt away. 

Saturday, July 15 7 am $10
Sunrise Yoga

Join Experienced Yoga Teacher Gurdeep Bhogal for a Sunrise Yoga practice. Start your day off in the right frame of mind! Gurdeep will lead you through some Pranayama (breathwork),  Asana (physical postures), and a relaxing guided Savasana (rest) to balance mind, body and Soul. All bodies and abilities are welcome! Bring your own Yoga Mat, water, sunscreen and props if needed. 

Saturday July 15 3-4:30 pm $50
Mudra Sacred Yogic Seal Practice

Discover how mudras enhance your spiritual practice. ‘Mudra’ -  Sacred Yogic Seal Practice, Reveals the magical medicine in your hands. Mudras are also known as Yogic ‘seals’, or hand gestures. The Spiritual Technology of Mudras, has been used for hundreds and possibly thousands of years originating in the Yogic Schools of India. The hands are made into specific shapes using the fingers and palms. Mudras work by directing ‘Prana’ life-force or vital energy, through the Nadis (network of channels), to various parts of the body, subtle body, energy centers, and the brain.
In this workshop, we explore how the energy of the 5 elements, Fire, Air, Ether, Earth, and Water connects through the fingers to the subtle body to achieve well-being. Mudra practice is a self-care tool to easily re-balance the subtle body, especially for Intuitives and Mediums. Learn how Shakti / Spirit utilizes Mudra as a tool for healing

Sunday July 15th  1-2:30 pm $50
Mantra – Sacred Practice

Learn Mantra to enhance your connection with Shakti / Spirit and open up your heart center.  Mantra– The Sacred Sonic Practice, gifts us the power of invoking the Divinity within using Mantra / Sonic vibration. When practiced with diligence and reverence, Mantra opens us up to the living energy which is Shakti / Spirit. Everything in existence is a pulsation on the Divine. In this 90-minute workshop, we'll learn how to connect with the heart center, and practice specific Mantras to invite, invoke and recognize Divinity within.Regular Mantra practice balances and enhances connection with the subtle body and Soul. Mantra practice can also activate Shakti to become tangible living energy within the body.

Sunday July 16 4-5:30 pm $50

Shakti Trance Gathering

Join us for a unique healing experience through the powerful and beautiful energy of Shakti Trance Healing with certified Medium Gurdeep Bhogal. To move into a Trance state, Gurdeep uses breath and music altering her state of consciousness so that a deep blend with her Spirit Guides / the Deity vibration can occur. In this deep Trance Mediumistic connection, Gurdeep brings forward intensified healing energy, direct from Shakti/Spirit. The vibration of Shakti/ Spirit which emanates during the Trance focuses on different aspects of healing: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Shakti / Spirit, through Gurdeep’s hands and body,  forms ancient Indian Yogic Mudras (hand gestures) to focus and direct the healing energy in a Tantric Yantra form. On occasion, Spirit may use Gurdeep’s voice to bring forth words of philosophy, inspiration, and guidance. As a  participant in this Shakti Trance gathering, you may experience a variety of things from the physical, mental, emotional, and Spirit bodies. You may feel physical sensations in your own body; some feel heat, coolness or tingling.
You might experience colors or sound. You may feel the atmosphere in your space change: the air could become dense, and you might feel heaviness in the body or a mild trance-like state. Healing activation always takes place, and upliftment, empowerment and awakening can also occur. This is a truly unique experience which hi-lights the power of Shakti / Spirit and the various aspects and applications of Trance Mediumship. *Please note, Gurdeep is not a medical professional and signing up to this event does not guarantee that an ailment will be healed. By signing up for this event you give your consent to take part and waive liability on the part of Gurdeep Bhogal.

August 17-21  Colin Hall and Graham Connolly

Thursday August 17  6.30-9pm $35
Communication with All of Nature

Instructor Graham Connolly

This workshop focusses on the mechanics of emf (Electro Magnetic Field) communication and the role it plays in our energy system. We will also explore how Nature and humans  communicate  with each other. This leads us to Human-Spirit and Human-Nature (animal and interspecies connections). An understanding of entrainment and synchronization of emts will be presented leading to a new hypothesis of mental mediumship.

Message circle Friday 7-9pm with Colin Hall

Saturday August 19, 2-5 cost $60

Mediumship and Spiritual Art Workshop

Instructor Colin Hall

The workshop can help build your confidence in your Art and Mediumship and designed to open your creativity and develop your spiritual gifts along your spiritual pathway and to go with the flow. We will be working and learning about colours symbols and there connection to the spiritual worlds.The Workshop is suitable for students of all levels  We will start with a meditation, Where our wonderful spiritual gifts of the Arts Mediumship and hailing are Whiting to be develop, Also interpreting our meditations in the circle work.  It’s a wonderful way to strengthen your Mediumship and Healing and have a close Relationship with the spirit world through Art. Colour in healing and Mediumship are very important, in the workshop we will be using colours.
For more information please go to

Sunday Church Service: Colin Hall

Message Circle Monday with Colin Hall

Tuesday August 22 - 6.30-9pm $40
Intuition, Psychic, and Mediumship

Instructor Graham Connolly

We will explore the development phases to mediumship.This will be done through discussion and exercises that also define the mechanics, modes and forms of psychic and mediumship development. Topics such as the difference between psychic and mediumship; the “clairs’ - clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairgustus, clairolifactus etc); direct and indirect mediumship.

Colin Hall
Private sessions with Colin : The big flip chart painting takes 1 hour 10 minutes to complete with the Reeding I change $100. Aura-graph painting take 45 minutes $75. Also I draw a picture on the back of my cards which take 30 minutes $50 with a reading

We just received word from Dr. Louis Gates that due to a medical emergency he is NOT able to come for his week and classes August 24th - 30th.  We are wishing him a super speedy recovery, and saddened that he won't be able to join us as the medium, healer and presenter for the last week of our summer program.

Friday August 25th 7pm-9pm
Message Circle with Bonnie Lee Gibson and Ernie VandenBosche $25 

Saturday August 26th 10am - 12pm
Exploring your Spiritual Gifts with Angie and Wachian Welch  $30
Do you sometimes know things before they happen? Ever just had a feeling about something that proved right? Do you sometimes have vivid dreams? Have you felt the presence of a loved one in spirit? What does this all mean?  In this fun group workshop we will go over many of the various spiritual gifts.  We’ll discuss the clair senses helping you to understand the differences and how they might be present in YOU!  After the discussion, the real fun begins as we access your spiritual gifts by playing a few psychic games! You’ll be amazed at how your gifts present themselves!  No experience necessary for this fun and enlightening intro workshop!! 

Saturday August 26th 2pm - 4pm
Expanding your Mediumship Skills with Angie Welch  $30

You may have heard it said before - we all have the potential to be mediums!  You just need to learn and strengthen your skills!  Whether you are brand new to the spiritual concept, or even a practicing medium looking to improve.  A good medium understands the importance of ethics, spiritual protection, energy hygiene, the difference between psychic and medium vibration and most importantly - how to utilize their natural abilities and skills in a beneficial way. 

In this workshop we’ll cover all of that.  Plus you’ll discover how to use your clair senses individually and together to connect with those in spirit form.  Identify your strengths and use those strengths as your link to make a good connection with spirit. We’ll explore and practice the process a medium should use to provide a good reading.  You’ll leave with a solid foundation and knowing that when done correctly, mediumship provides evidence of the eternal soul and offers peace, guidance, hope and healing to the individual you’re reading for. 

Saturday August 26th  7pm - 8:30pm  
Chakra and Energy Balancing 101 (includes meditation) with Angie Welch $25
Perhaps you know about Chakras, those little energy centers in your body that work to keep you physically and emotionally healthy… or maybe it’s all new to you and you’ve only heard the term and have limited knowledge about them.  As a Pranic energy Healer I want to help dispel the mysteries!  In Chakra and Energy balancing 101, we’ll discuss just what these energy centers are, what their jobs are, what happens when they’re not functioning at their optimal level and more importantly - we’ll do a half hour guided meditation to actually clear and balance them out!  

Sunday August 27th 10:30am - 12pm Church Service
Speaker and Medium Kari Heistad

Sunday August 27th 1pm - 2:30pm  $30
Learn Why Hypnosis Works For You with Ernie VanDenBossche 
In this class, you will get tools to use for self-hypnosis, which will help you improve your daily living. Experience a hypnosis secession tooled to fit everyone's many desires for personal change.

Monday August 28th 7-9pm
Message Circle with Bonnie Lee Gibson and Ernie VandenBosche $25

July 6-10 - Jason McCuish

July 20-24 - Joy Sagar

August 10-14  Chris Deserio

Friday July 28, 2023, 1- 2:30 PM $35
How to create Crystal Grids and use Crystals to Heal and Amplify Positive Energy in Spaces (includes a take home crystal & handout) 

In this class we will learn all about how to make crystal grids for rituals and for magnifying energies you would like to invite into your life & the intention necessary to craft beautiful and heart-centered magic.  We will also learn to clear your space or any space you want to work with through crystals as well.  This is a fun, beautiful and light class!

Saturday July 29 2023 10 AM-12 PM $35
Finding Your Mask : The Astrology of Your Rising Sign
(Includes detailed handout)

Join Grace Harrington Murdoch, Astrologer and Healer for an evening of learning how to work with & play with your rising sign to feel more connected, safe, confident, and secure in who you are. We all have masks we wear, and while a good deal of modern spirituality wants us to disarm all our masks, in Astrology we celebrate the masks you wear.  Why? Your rising sign is a vital way that you can play with archetypes that help you feel safer in the rest of your life and natal chart.  It is also a way to lead with your energy that feels good in new situations. Have you ever gone on a date and revealed your whole self right off the bat, only to have regretted it later? Or have you felt awkward in social situations in this post-pandemic world, and just would like to be reminded of some ways to feel more like yourself? Having a mask you are aware of can help you with pacing, with feeling more secure in yourself, and even more confidence in all kinds of social situations. It also can be very fun to play with, as you embody your Rising sign with your sense of style! You get to play with your Rising sign like an actor or actress plays with their character.  It can be a pleasurable experience. We will go over all 12 Rising signs, qualities you can lean into, and common ways of spotting those rising signs as well.   Have your natal chart handy from and knowing your Rising sign before class can also be helpful! I will show an example of how to find it if you don’t know as well. 

Sunday, July 30, 2023 1- 3 pm  $35
Awakening the Queen & King Archetypes in Your Birth Chart & Your Life
(includes detailed handout)

In this Astrology class we will be exploring how you can awaken the royalty codes in your birth chart, to begin to live your life embodied in your own worthiness, pleasure & joy.  We will be examining how to embody the archetype of Leo throughout your natal chart and down to earth ways you can make this energy come alive in your day to day life.  I will be speaking about creating luxurious spaces and experiences that will help you inhabit your worth.  This course has only been run one other time at a local retreat and was one of the most inspiring experiences during our time together according to many of the participants.  The material is immediately applicable to your day to day life and will help you feel more aligned with your inner Queen or King. Please have a copy of your birth chart handy to follow along and get the most out of this class. You can pull up a copy of yours at:

Church Service Mediumship and Monday night mediumship circle done by Amanda Brawley

​​Paying for Programs and Registration

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Etna Spiritualist Association
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Places are not reserved until full payment has been received.

Thursday, August 10, 2023⋅7:00 – 9:00pm  $35
Reading objects and photos (psychometry) is a fun and engaging way of for teens and adults to pick up information through the psychic senses. Yes, everybody, including you, has them!  Learn how to not only read objects themselves, but ways of picking up details about the current and original owners too. Psychometry acts great as an added service to those offering psychic readings as well as a jumping point for mediums wanting to connect to a particular loved one in spirit for a sitter to name just a few ways in which this way of reading energy can be applied.  No prior experience in psychic development or mediumship is necessary to participate.

Friday, August 11, 2023  7-9 pm $35
Message Circle Fork and Spoon Bending
Many of you have had the experience and subsequent joy of having loved ones, spirit guides and others touch in through your psychic senses or those of another medium, providing evidence of survival and messages of hope and healing. This seance doesn't look to take away from this significance, but add to it in experiencing the Spirit World through your regular senses.  Lights appearing and disappearing, temperature changes, being touched, hearing sounds, and seeing face changes are just a few of the possibilities of Spirit manifesting in this very special gathering while various spirit guides and friends will touch in and share their thoughts, philosophy, or simply to say hello through the use of his voice throughout the course of this gathering with Spirit. The seance will kick off learning and practicing spoon and fork bending so as to raise the vibration, and have your own keepsake from this very special evening. Please note that some time may be spent in more dimly lit conditions.

Saturday, August 12, 2023⋅10:00am – 12:30pm- $40
The Ins and Outs of Table-Tipping
Table-Tipping has been well-noted as a form of reliable spirit communication as far back as the Fox Sisters in 1848. It is a form of physical mediumship, meaning that whoever’s in attendance can experience the results of this type of spirit contact through the physical senses of sight, taste, smell, hearing, and feeling versus mostly relying on yours or another psychic senses. As table-tipping is a great tool for receiving information from the Spirit World, and in that has a way of lending itself to different types of communication as well as communicators than say mental mediumship, channeling, and trance, what better than to learn the dynamics of running a session with a focus on:Types of Table-Tipping, Running a Session From Opening, to Closing Effectively,Engaging In Multiple Table-Tipping Sessions with Fellow Students, Better Understanding Factors,Influencing Success. 

Saturday, August 12, 2023⋅7:00 – 9:00pm $35
Animal Communication
This workshop is a follow-up to Chris’ 2021 ‘Let’s Hear What the Animals Have To Share.’ Having attended it isn’t required to benefit from this current offering that addresses many other aspects of animal communication and presents additional exercises to make you more able to connect with the unique sense of love, joy, and fun that are your animal companions. So in the moment and clear in their personalities and desires, they make for great teachers in simply being themselves and your being able to share in their experiences. Our animal companions, be they still with you or in the Spirit World, have so much more to share than on the face of things. Further still, the animals who cross your path or you come across in nature have a rich history coupled with their own guidance and messages too. The focus of this class: - Connecting at a Psychic Level with Animals Still Here - How To Purposefully Establish Conversation with Animals In the Spirit World - Greater Awareness and Receptivity To Signs From Your Departed Animals - Recognizing and Applying the Lessons of Your Animal Companions In Your Own Life - Understanding When Animals In Nature are Messengers and How To Listen No experience is necessary in psychic development, mediumship, or animal communication to participate. And if you like, you're welcome to bring along photos of animal companions here and in Spirit for some of the exercises.

Sunday, August 13, 2023⋅3:00 – 5:00pm  $35
Psychic Readings with Ribbons
Adding more of a fun factor to any psychic reading can allow for the energy to flow more smoothly which means more clear information for you as the giver (psychic) and the person for whom you';re reading. Beyond that, it's dynamic, engaging, and surprising what you can achieve whether you've already taken a course and have done readings or are totally new to it. This class will have you practice using ribbons in order to provide information and guidance for the person across from you via your psychic senses (and yes, we all have them and can do phenomenal things with just a little bit of effort).  No prior experience in psychic development is necessary to participate.

August 3-6  Joan Reid

Rev. Joan Reid is an artist, teacher, and energy worker. She taught Art and Computers in High School as well as college for over 45 years, retiring from teaching in public schools. She is still teaching and offering classes and workshops in her studio in NY. Joan loves to help people become aware of their inner abilities, to trust their intuition, and to learn about energy work. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/teacher, Hawaiian Energetics practitioner, and Dowser, she also maintains an office, treating clients in those areas. Joan hosts and facilitates meditation gatherings, and teaches classes in meditation, Reiki, Dowsing, Hawaiian Energetics (which is similar to Reiki but can be deeper and more specific), listening and trusting the messages you get, and Art.

Private sessions and Aura drawings with a reading with Rev. Joan Reid on Saturday, August 5th from 10am - 12pm and Monday, August 7th from10am - 12pm & 1pm - 4pm  Fee: $50  ~  Call Cell : 518-744-0641

Camp Etna has a full list of presenters for this summer! Check out what each presenter has to offer and maybe something will spark your interest:

Joy Sagar was born, raised and formally educated in India. He embraced Spiritualism as his religion since 2003. He resides and practices in Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Florida. He enjoys continuing education which takes him all over the world to study and travel, spiritualism as he continues to develop his Spiritual Gifts. Joy enjoys teaching, speaking and demonstrating in Spiritualist Churches since 2013 and is welcomed for his dedication to Spiritualism. Private Readings: 386-479-5225

Saturday July 22, 2023, 10 AM - 12:00 PM $30
Healing, Tools to HEAL yourSELF
The will to heal, is with all conscious beings. This two hour workshop will lead you to better understanding your own make up and how to progress with effectively heal yourSELF.

Saturday July 22, 2023 2 PM — 4 PM $30
Keep guessing, these are three essential colors, that hold a lot of key information in a Human Aura. Now, is this enough… to draw you in this workshop on training yourself to see or feel an aura and much more.

Sunday, July 23, 2023 from 2 pm to 4 pm  $20
What's on the Other Side?

Discussion, Conversation, Natural Laws, Spiritualism, and Life!!! Just what may turn things around for you.

Monday July 24  10 AM  — 12 PM  $10  All funds donated to Camp Etna
Experience Distance Healing, How To’s

Join in this special event of Distance Healing How To’s. Talk, Discussion, Experience.

July 13-17 - Gurdeep Bhogal

July 27-31 - Grace Harrington Murdoch

Grace Harrington Murdoch has been performing what she likes to call Narrative Astrology readings for the last 8 years and studying Astrology for the last 12 years.  She is also extensively trained in Polarity therapy & Reiki and more, clocking over 600 hours in these modalities. She is an avid teacher of all things metaphysical that she has studied.  As a former English major and author, she believes the power of chart interpretation lies in your ability to communicate the story a birth chart is telling. This comes through being able to understand the themes, plot, the past, present and future within the chart. Grace has taught many Astrology classes all over New England, and it is her passion to share her favorite resources with her students to help empower them to understand themselves, their clients, and the great big Universe!  Grace was also a ghost-writer for Pusheen's cat-themed horoscopes for a spell, which was such fun for her.  Grace is a natural healer & supports people through a multi-modal approach. Grace brings healing principles into readings as well as she believes we can all heal through our birth chart and understanding of it. You can visit her website for readings, healings and zodiac essences at: or for her Astrology and healing classes at .

Friday, August 4th, 2023   10am–12pm and 1pm–5pm $50
Dowsing, also known as “divining”, is an intuitive art and discipline used in both ancient and modern times all over the world. It is a technique for bringing information from the intuitive or subconscious senses to the attention of the rational mind, so it has potential value in every area of human lives. Dowsers find it a valuable tool in both their work and their everyday lives. Learn about the 5 basic tools diviners use: Pendulum, L-rods, Y-rods, Bobbers, and yourself. Asking the right question in the right way is a necessity for dowsing and getting the correct response. Learn how to find water, missing objects, & much more. You will also learn to dowse for wellness. There will be handouts to learn map dowsing, chart dowsing, and body dowsing. Bring your pendulum and L-rods if you have them. Dowsing kits will be available for purchase. Kits include a pendulum, a set of L-rods and dowsing book.  If you have your own pendulum the kit is $20.00 If you only need the book $10.00

Saturday August 5th, 2023    1:00-5:00 pm $50

Past Lives
Find out what past life of yours is giving you messages. How many Past lives have you had?  We have had many. Find out how one of your particular past lives relates to this life, and how to use this information to help you in your present incarnation. What in your present life is a repeat experience to learn from, and what needs more attention. Gently reprogram yourself to be more aware, and what to pay attention to. Learn more about yourself through your own past life experiences. And have fun!!

Sunday August 6th 10:30 am Church Service

Joan Reid will be providing the inspirational message and Ernie VandenBossche will providing the mediumship.

Sunday, August 6th   1pm-5pm and 7pm–9pm $50
Hawaiian Energetics
Hawaiian Energetics is a non-invasive gentle, yet highly effective way of healing.  Based in the ancient living and healing ways of Hawaii, Hawaiian Energetics uses the energy of the elements for healing, and balancing a body spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  This energy treatment was created with the ancient Hawaiian traditions originally used by the medical Kahuna. They believed that we have 3 bodies and when working with them, can help a person be healthier. These bodies are physical, etheric, and astral.  The ancient Hawaiians used the qualities of the elements Fire, Water, Air, and Earth to relieve pain, stress, and help to bring balance to those they worked with. People will learn how to generate and direct the elements, and their uses in a treatment. Participants will experience the effects of the elements on different parts of the body, and how there can be life-changing healing experiences. This class is good for individual growth as well as adding to ones “toolbox” of modalities to help others. An Immune System booster treatment will be taught.

Private sessions and Aura drawings with a reading  with Rev Joan Reid Saturday 10-12 Monday, August 7th    10 – 12  and 1pm-5pm  $50
Call Cell : 518-744-0641