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Ernie VanDenBossche

Ernie works as a medium and healer. Spirit is his guide in so many ways. Spirit works with each of us every day of our lives. Prepare yourself to step forward on your pathway. Your friends and loved ones on the "other side" may help show you new directions, confirm what you question, and help with personal healing, physical and emotional.      207-649-9655

Camp Etna Mediums

Sherwood Denham is a natural born medium, certified healers (through the Healing Light Spiritualist Church of Etna) and as of September 2017, an ordained minister.  Sherwood's knowledge and following of Spiritualism comes naturally, as he listened to his inner soul calling at the early age of 15 and chose to become a member of the First Spiritualist Church of Middleboro (Massachusetts); a church actually started by his grandparents.

Sherwood's first mediumship experience happened around the age of 8, having been visited by the spirit of a neighbor for 7 days. After delivering the information to the neighbor's family, Sherwood later discovered the person visiting him was in spirit.

Sherwood currently  holds a CRMA and  DSP certifications in the state of Maine and he uses this professional knowledge to assist him in helping others. Utilizing his gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance, Sherwood delivers messages of confirmation, peace, guidance and healing. His hope is to provide clear evidential messages from your loved ones in Spirit.

To reach Sherwood call: 207-269-2260

Kelly is a professional medium and Psychic that has been delivering messages from spirit since a teenager. Growing up Kelly was supported in her quest to learn more about communicating with the spirit world by her dad. Recently Kelly discovered that she has had a deep connection to Spiritualism through her family ancestry and their connection to Temple Heights Spiritualist camp,  which certainly answered why the strong desire to explore mediumship was there. Kelly went on to fulfill her desire and work exclusively as a Medium and to bring love and healing in the form of readings. Kelly works locally as well as internationally in person or via phone. She offers private readings, parties, special events and teaches mediumship.

Contact Kelly either by phone or text to schedule a reading.  207-949-1154  •

Bonnie Lee Gibson

Bonnie Lee has been communicating with Spirit; developing the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and the ability to work as a medium for since a young age. She now enjoys bringing comfort to those in need by connecting people with their loved ones, ancestors, guiding angels, spirit guides and healers as well as connecting with past lives.          207-649-7089

Camp Etna is a seasonal spiritualist camp that operates between June and September.  In an attempt to connect you with some of our members year round we have created this contact page. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by our members belong solely to the medium you have chosen for a service, and not necessarily to Camp Etna Spiritualist Association, its committees, board, or other group or individual within the camp’s purview.  

Camp Etna makes no claims as to our members readings.  No guarantees of any kind are implied. You, the client, has the free will to choose whether or not you follow any guidance gained from your private reading. You are therefore responsible for your actions following your reading. 

A reading should not be treated as if it is any form of psychological diagnosis, therapy, or treatment; nor does a reading provide, medical, legal or financial advice. Please consult an appropriate licensed professional if you feel the need for such a service. Further, the Religion of Spiritualism itself is about the continuity of life. As part of individual members right to their own beliefs you may note that there are some medium’s methods that are not strictly “Spiritualism.” We understand that Spirit communicates in many ways. 

Angie Welch

Angie Welch is a full time professional Psychic Medium, Pranic Healer, Artist and Teacher.  From a very early age Angie was able to see and communicate with angels as well as people who had passed, her earliest memories of this happening was at the age of 4.   As a medium, she is honored to connect you with your loved ones who have left the physical body and transitioned to spirit.  Her goal is to always provide evidential mediumship. Angie also offers readings and guidance working with the Akashic Records - the sacred energy domain that holds the recording of the journey of your soul. Akashic Record readings are a wonderful, yet direct way to receive guidance. As an artist she is able to channel the energy of your loved ones, angels and guides into beautiful chalk pastel drawings and paintings.  

In addition to assisting clients with readings, Angie is passionate about her healing business.  Angie is a Certified Associate Pranic Healer, and the only Certified Pranic Healing Instructor in the state of Maine.  Angie also enjoys teaching various spiritual development and manifestation classes. Her thought is - if it’s fun and part of her business, she’ll show you how to do it in a class!   Angie is a member of Etna Spiritualist Association.  She has served numerous years on the board of directors, and chairs various committees.   In the summer you can often find her at her cottage with her husband Wachian and the cats - Miss Money and Oscar.  She also has an office where she does most of her work in Brewer.  Angie is honored to have this gift and feels it is her responsibility to share the truth that love is eternal, life is a gift of learning, and we are all connected. 

Phone: 207-266-1555   Email:   Website: