Camp Etna   A spiritual summer camp run by the Etna Spiritualist Association

Photographs taken by Kari Heistad.
Historical photos are from camp artifacts.

Summer Programs

The regular camp season runs for July and August. Additional programs and workshops are also offered in June and September.

About Camp Etna

Camp Etna has been a spiritualist community since 1876. We welcome everyone to come and enjoy the classes and relaxation that can be found on our grounds.

Camp Etna is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization. We are run entirely on volunteers. If you would like to donate to Camp Etna, we welcome contributions of all sizes - money, expertise or your time.

Mediums Days 2018

All days are 10-3 pm

May 19,  June 23, July 14

Sept  TBD: Mind, Body, Spirit Fair

Mailing List

If you would like to be placed on the weekly camp email list for upcoming programs please email us at programs@


Camp Etna is able to provide some housing in our Auxillary building and there is limited camping options as well. Camp is close to many other housing options.


Please feel free to call the Camp Etna Office at (207) 269-2094 or


General Donations

Camp Etna is a non-profit, all volunteer organization. We greatly appreciate any donations that you are willing to make.

Community Center

In addition to general donations to camp, we are also collecting donations to renovate and restore the historic community building located at the top of the campground. Donations made to this building fund will be used solely for these purposes.

Regular Programs in June, July and August, 2017

Table Tipping  7 pm   $20
May 20, June 24, July 29

Messages from Spirit: 7 pm

Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings June  26-August 23  $20

Monday's Circle is a Seance Circle.

Wednesday: Message Circle

Friday: Gallery Readings

For more information, see below.


Monday's Circle is a Seance Circle. Seance Circles were very popular back in the 1800's. According to mediums during the heyday of the Spiritualist movement, séances were the most productive way to get in touch with the spirit world. In this manner, messages from the departed could be passed on to the living and the spirits could announce their presence by manifesting displays of the supernatural. A typical séance could boast all sorts of strange activity, from the movement of objects, to eerie music, glowing lights, levitating furniture, the production of ectoplasm and even the materialization of spirits. Each séance was conducted in a dark or nearly dark room with guests seated around a large circular table. The mediums claimed that the sittings were held under such conditions because it made it easier for the spirits to manifest. Come and be part of this mystical magical Séance Circle. Be open to the experience and be ready for a fun-filled evening.


Message Circle. The guest medium gives 10-12 minute readings to participants. If more than 12-15 people attend the Circle, a backup medium will be available. This is usually done with attendees sitting in a circle.


Gallery Readings. Similar to a Message Circle but Gallery readings are done from the podium and we do not guarantee that everyone gets a reading.

Church Services:

Sunday 10:30 am in July and August

Our services have three parts: Healing Service, a lecture on a spiritual topic, and Spirit Communication through Mediumship.

Camp Pot Luck Dinner: Saturdays 5 pm

Everyone is welcome.

Camp Fires: The camp will occasionally have camp fires. This depends upon weather and the week's program.

Welcome To Camp Etna!
Camp Etna was founded over 135 years ago as a Spiritualist Camp Meeting and we continue that tradition. We are a community situated on 27 acres in Etna, Maine. Throughout the years, it has been home to many talented mediums, healers, and others who have continually worked to bring spiritual understanding and harmony to all.

The camp cottages center around a common green. The camp offers activities in the months of July and August and people from all spiritual disciplines are invited to participate in the programs, classes and workshops.

We invite you to take a quiet moment to visit the various healing grounds, relax on the porch, or walk through the woods to Etna Pond. The daily activities will refresh and revitalize you. This is a wonderfully healing vacation option for those seeking to reconnect spiritually in a natural setting.