Camp Etna   A spiritual summer camp run by the Etna Spiritualist Association

July 4- July 10

Rev. Tom Kearns BS MA

10:00-4:00PM Private Readings with Tom, Call for an appointment  $50 Half Hour $100 Hour

7/4/19  7 - 9PM Tasseography; The Ancient Art & Science of Tea Leaf Reading with Tom Kearns $25

This ancient form of divination is also called tasseomancy or tassology. The name derives from tasse (cup) and the Greek - logy (study of), and - mancy (divination). This class will teach you how to read your Tea Leaves after enjoying a satisfying cup of tea with some wonderful psychic and spiritual friends. This is an excellent method to open your spiritual and psychic abilities. What messages for the future will your tea leaves reveal?


4:30 - 6:30PM Pranic Healing with Barbara Williams  Free

Dr. Barbara Williams is a well known professional psychic medium, healer, and medical intuitive who resides in Maine. Frequently asked to do radio interviews she gives readings sight unseen as well as spiritual direction. She has dedicated over 44years in the healing and holistic health field incorporating a wide array of healing modalities. Barbara teaches psychic development throughout Maine and enjoys helping people open up to their psychic abilities. She organizes several different spiritual, paranormal, and psychic development classes throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and California. This is a chance to experience pranic healing for yourself. Pranic healing is a no touch system producing amazing results. Lead by Dr. Barbara Williams who has done pranic healing for the last 8 years.

 7PM - 9PM Message Circle with Tom Kearns $20
The guest medium gives 10-12 minute readings to participants. If more than 12-15 people attend the Circle, a backup medium will be available. This is usually done with attendees sitting in a circle. Please pay at the door. No advance tickets. All are welcome.


10:30-3:30 PM Predicting Your Future $50
2019 - 2020 Will Prove to be Challenging but Powerful Years. How will the energy released energy change your life?
Discover the hidden power and passion in your Astrology chart.  Unleash your true potential! This is a one on one class!
Our world is facing amazing changes. Will you be flexible and prepared to take advantage of the new opportunities that come your way?  During 2019 - 2020 Jupiter, (Zeus, King of the Gods) Saturn (Chronos - the Lord of Karma) and Pluto (Hades - God of the Underworld) all transit Capricorn, the sign of Government and Bureaucracy. We have all seen the struggles in these areas of life. Uranus ( the God of Chaos) will transit Taurus, the sign that rules land, farming, banking and other foundational areas of life. Hold onto you bank book! Neptune (Poseidon - God of the vast Oceans) will continue to transit Pisces the sign he rules bringing spiritual and creative awakening. Will you be ready for all these changes? 

Rev. Thomas F. Kearns BS MA, a Professional Astrologer and Spiritualist Medium for over 45 years, presents an entertaining and enlightening glimpse into the future.  Each individual attending will gain personal insight (based on their Astrology Chart) for the changes that will affect their lives.  What will the planets bring - love, money, happiness, success or challenge?  If you want some helpful insight into your life don't miss this exciting seminar.

7PM-9PM Table Tipping with Alice King $25
Table-tipping is perhaps still the most known and popular form of physical mediumship.  Physical mediumship allows viewers and participants to experience the Spirit World firsthand through your regular 5 senses rather than having details and messages relayed to you through a medium. You will be given messages as they come from Spirit through the table.  Your loved one will be able to answer yes or no questions. Be prepared for loved ones, pets, or friends to come through to communicate with you. 


2 - 4PM Red Light Seance & Manifestation of Spirits  $25
The purpose of the Red Light Seance and Class is to demonstrate spirit manifestation and how the imagination can be used as the doorway to contact spirit. Each participant will be given the opportunity to be the focus of the red light if they desire to allow spirit to manifest around them. This Red Light Seance and Class will help: 1) empower your ability to see and sense spirit guides and loved ones using the power of your imagination, 2) open the power of your intuition and understanding to new possibilities and 3) enhance your Spiritual and Psychic gifts by giving you a proven process to help you make spirit contact.

7/8/19 7PM - 9PM Message Circle with Tom Kearns $20
The guest medium gives 10-12 minute readings to participants. If more than 12-15 people attend the Circle, a backup medium will be available. This is usually done with attendees sitting in a circle. Please pay at the door. No advance tickets. All are welcome.

 7/9/19 7PM - 9PM From Suffering to Liberation; The Path of the Buddha $25
At the moment of his Enlightenment, the Buddha realized all of his lifetimes, and the cause of suffering that afflicts all Beings. Despite the temptation of all pleasures, and the horror of all demons brought against him by Mara (the evil one), He vowed to stay in the world and bring his message of Liberation from Suffering to everyone. This intensive class will examine one of the most beautiful and profound mystical, philosophical and religious systems known to the world and its message of peace, compassion and liberation.

7/10/19 10AM - 7PM Your Dharma. Your Reality. Make it Amazing. $99
9 hours of in depth exploration of YOU and your Dharma using techniques from around the world.

  • 10am - 11am Qigong - Mastering your energy flow (Chinese)

  • 11am - Noon   Yoga – Variety of Breathing techniques, Yin and Yang yoga (India) Please bring your yoga mat.

  • Noon - Gluten free, Dairy free Healthy and Delicious Lunch

  • 1pm  - Jin Shin Jyutsu - Relaxation exercises for proper digestion and more (Japanese) followed by channeled writing exercises.

  • 2pm - Walking Meditation coupled with Historical Walk-Talk

  • 3pm - 5pm Energy Medicine made easy. Self-Acupressure, Self-Massage and so much more. Shealy and Eden Traditions.

  • 5pm – Dharma Dinner – Learn how to make Great Grains, Veggie Curry and Delicious Desserts

  • 6pm – Dream Dancing – Meditational dancing to world music. Release anything no longer serving your life and embrace the Love of YOU.

After enjoying dinner walk the grounds, talk about what you have learned, share your practices and stay for 7pm Message Circle. (Message circle is a separate event and attendance is not mandatory to take the workshop)

7/10/19 7PM - 9PM Message Circle with Tom Kearns $20
The guest medium gives 10-12 minute readings to participants. If more than 12-15 people attend the Circle, a backup medium will be available. This is usually done with attendees sitting in a circle. Please pay at the door. No advance tickets. All are welcome.


Tom Kearns
Rev. Thomas F. Kearns BS MA has been involved with the study of Astrology, Spiritual and Psychic Development, Religion and Symbolism in Myths Dreams and Visions for over 30 years. His work has been written about in articles in the Albany Times Union, Schenectady Daily Gazette, and other Newspapers from Maine to Florida. He is a Nationally Certified Psychic-Medium and Commissioned Healer. He holds a BS degree in Psychology from Mercy College and a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy from the University at Albany. He was a founding board member of the American Federation of Spiritualist Churches and Superintendent of its Department of Public Relations. He is the author of “The Art of the Mystic”, & the Golden Angels Healing Meditation CD’s for healing: “The Dove” & “In the Palm of the Hand of God”. He has developed a new approach to learning Astrology called Linear AstrologyTM. He has served many camps and churches for Spiritualism and has been heard and seen on Radio and TV stations promoting Spiritualism, the Psychic and Astrology.

He has taught World Religions as an Adjunct Professor at the University at Albany, State University of New York and Astrology at Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York as well as at many other venues. He developed this unique approach to Astrology to facilitate a quicker understanding of the principles behind Astrology for the novice and beginning student. This will afford them a basis for grasping the basic symbols of the language system in a quicker manner. He captured this information on a 2 DVD set which allows you to watch and learn the subject manner in the same way that you would in a college classroom.

Diane Jackman Skolfield
Diane is a published author, teacher, healer, mother, business woman, Wellness Counselor and friend to many. C. Norman Shealy MD, PhD, the Founder and First President of the American Holistic Medical Association, applauds her saying, "Diane is a jewel spreading joy and health as she goes."

Diane started talking to God and listening to her guides at age four under the pew of St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Auburn, Maine in 1960. She began teaching exercises at the Bangor, Maine YWCA in 1982. She explains, "I didn’t like what aerobics did to my knees so I 'invented' exercises which were better for my body. I found out later these inspired exercises were from Pilates, Qigong and other Traditions. I guess I heard my guides loudly and clearly!" Diane became a Minister in 1996 after a year of intensive Kriya Yoga Study through Self Realization Fellowship and considers Paramahansa Yogananda one of her most influential Masters. Diane is passionate about her calling of being a Wellness Coach. She tells her students, "I study every Self Healing Modality possible. That way, when I am teaching an Intuitive Exercise Class and one of my guides tells me, 'Someone here has digestive problems' I have Acupressure Points, Yoga Poses and many other tools to share with them." She became certified in Advanced Hatha Yoga in 2000 and has certifications in Qigong, Energy Medicine, Jin Shin Jyutsu, EFT and more.

Her passion for Spiritualism and Camp Etna's history fills her spare time with exciting discoveries. Her "History Walk-Talks" during Camp's summer season are a great introduction to the roots of Spiritualism and Camp Etna's contribution during its rich history. Her latest book, "My Peace of Camp Etna" is a textbook-workbook designed to help you cultivate your Intuition while learning the history of Spiritualism and Camp Etna.

A small fee has been added to all costs to cover fees incurred.

Tom Kearns