Camp Etna   A spiritual summer camp run by the Etna Spiritualist Association

July 19-25 Camp Etna Mediums

Thursday July 19 

7 pm Table Tipping $25 Kelly Dawn Purington
Table Tipping is the absolute best way I have found for people wanting to feel their passed loved ones spirit around them. It is like being wrapped in their love. It is a form of physical Mediiumship where the Medium calls in the energy of loved ones. Their energy moves the table to prove continuity of life. Once the table slows down we sit around it and messages are given through the table. You will get a hug, a tap or just be rocked by someone you love in spirit. I will give you messages as they come and your loved one will be able to answer yes or no questions through the table. It is a must see in this lifetime! And you are on the VIP list.

Sometimes even pets come through. The table becomes a version of them and you can see the familiar movements of your loved pet. I have even had the table try to crawl into the lap of the person being read. Such a beautiful experience.

Friday July 20 7 PM Message Circle with Kelly

Saturday July 21, 2:00-5:00 PM Past Life Regression with Larua Xanthos, $25

Past Life Regression-- Come on a Shamanic Journey with me to the Upper and Lower Worlds. Discover who you have been in a past life or lives. It's exhilarating to figure out the root of your quirks, strengths, weaknesses, fears etc. This experience fills in the blanks so to speak.You get to know the most authentic, potentially life changing , information through the process. I have many testimonials of how a Past Life Regression has helped to once and for all reign in fears and change them to empowered decisions and actions instead. Come join us

Sunday July 22  10:30 am Church Service

Monday July 23 7 pm Message Circle with Karlene Tanner

Tuesday July 24, Masterpiece and Messages - An Intuitive Paint Night with Angie Welch $35 includes supplies
In this fun class Psychic Medium Angie Butler Welch will take you step by step to create your own art Masterpiece: a colorful and peaceful Lotus Mandala painting. You get to pick your colors for your own unique lotus! Angie will even give you a brief intuitive message from your painting! All materials included for an 11x14 or 12x12 Acrylic on Canvas; no experience necessary! Class Fee $30 plus Supplies Fee $5 - Total $35 per person. . Limited to 20 people max. Pre-register to guarantee your seat; tickets will be sold at the door based on availability.

Please call (207) 269-2094 to reserve your seat!

Wednesday July 25 7 pm Message Circle

Presenter Bios

Kelly Dawn Purington

Kelly is a Professional Medium/Psychic who is able to connect with those that have crossed over. She has a special affinity for working with those who are grieving. Kelly connects quickly with heart, helping to transform inconsolable grief into the beginning of the healing process. Kelly’s psychic, medium and empathic abilities began in early childhood. She has not only used them to navigate her life, but to guide others on their path as well. As a Spiritual Medium and Life Coach, Kelly has worked with clients all over the world on the grieving process as well as finding their own answers within. Kelly’s psychic and empathic abilities are used to help those looking for guidance with Career, Finance as well as love life. Kelly is gifted in being able to tap empathically into situations, as well as people, helping to determine what is going on. She has worked with clients worldwide.

Angie Butler Welch

Angie Butler Welch is a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Artist living in Maine. From a very early age she was able to see and connect with angels and people who had passed. Angie has been delivering those messages since she was a teenager. As a lifelong spiritual student, Angie has spent many years learning and nurturing these abilities. While she continues to learn, she also enjoys teaching others to discover and develop their gifts as well. In more recent years, she began drawing and painting, while channeling messages. This newfound gift led to her offering of "Art Mediumship". In a regular psychic medium reading or art mediumship session Angie will connect with the angels, your guides, and loved ones who have passed. As so much of our life depends on free will, Angie is also certified to offer "Akashic Records" readings, perfect for when you need guidance as to how certain choices may unfold in the future. The "Akashic Records" is the energy dimension that records the eternal journey of your soul and offers profound insight, understanding and healing energy. Angie is honored to have this gift and feels it is her responsibility to share the truth that love is eternal, life is a gift of learning, and we are all connected.

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