Camp Etna   A spiritual summer camp run by the Etna Spiritualist Association

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August 22- August 29
Rev. Joanfrances Boyle

10:00-4:00PM Private Readings with Joanfrances
$80/ half hour $150/hour  Please call: 352 217 3282. 

Thursday 8/22/19
7PM - 9PM Empathic Mediumship $25
Do you think or know you are an Empath?  Good, then you may also be at the threshold of discovering you are an Empathic Medium. Or would you like to take your Mediumship to another level and test your ability as an Empathic Medium. Whichever way this is the workshop for you. Joanfrances has pulled together this intense 2 hr workshop to give you the taste of being the Empathic Medium.  Joanfrances has demonstrated her Empathic Mediumship, Floorshows live on stage, Church Services, On Live Facebook, Private Events, Silver Dinner Events with top Hotels and much more!  Join me, only if you are ready to step your mediumship up to the next level?

Friday 8/23/19
4:30 - 6:30PM Mediumship & Spiritual Artwork Workshop  $25 with Colin Hall

In this workshop. Colin Hall; England medium builds your confidence in Art and Mediumship.  It is designed to open your creativity and develop your Spiritual gifts pathways by just going with the flow.  There is no need to be an artist, this class is designed to help you get in touch with how your inner Soul creates.  Instruction will be given on color symbols and their connection to the Spirit World.  We will be creating auragraphs.  There will also be a meditation that helps us go a little deeper into the inspiration of our Soul, where our wonderful Spiritual gifts are waiting to be set free. 

Friday 7PM - 9PM Past Life Surrogacy© Floorshow.  $25
These Past Life Surrogacy© Demonstrations can be Revealing, Riveting, Fascinating and extremely graphic in nature. Nothing will be held back!  Joanfrances has taken her ‘Gift of Surrogacy©’ out on the road and is now trilling audiences with her unique Past Life Surrogacy© Mini Past Life Reveals. The Audience will gasp in amazement as she takes 3 breaths and enters instantly into the volunteer’s Past Life and begins to RELIVE the past life as the Surrogate. Yes, that is just 21 seconds and believe it or not Joanfrances can do all of this without any previous knowledge of the volunteer, not even their name. Just like in her Private session, Joanfrances, will unlock the volunteers past life/s incarnation/s to be explored, revealing openly to the Audience, the specific Past Life details that will astonishingly reveal the miming imprints that are causing havoc in the volunteer’s present-day life.  The Audience will be sitting on the edge of their seats as Joanfrances gives details of the specific occurring negative events of the past life right up to the point of death. Thus, revealing the miming unfinished past life patterns that are negatively influencing and often controlling the volunteer’s day- to- day present life situations.  Joanfrances literally takes on board and relives the volunteer’s Past Life feelings, she sees what the volunteer would have seen, she touches the things the volunteer would have touched, feels the emotions that the volunteer would have experienced, she will experience the aromas and tastes exactly as the volunteer would have in THEIR Past Life! It also demonstrates how you the volunteer attract and react to relationships with people, animals, plants, jobs, and places, not to mention genetic association or trauma defects.

Joanfrances calls this, ‘an energetic timeline disruption”, which she believes leads to unwanted distress patterns within the other 4 Human Energetic Links - Emotional, Sexual and Mental functions, which eventually leads to the development of phantom and factual ailments connecting to the Human Physical Body. These physical ailments can range from Birthmarks to Chronic Psoriasis, Phantom Pain to Rheumatoid Arthritis, Birth Blindness to amputations, asthma to COPD, and much, much more, all of which, will have adverse effects on the persons everyday life. If you have every wondered what took place in your past life to create the dysfunctional imprints in your present-day situations i.e. health, wealth and happiness. Not forgetting the influence these past lives have over the reactive personalities we have. These situations are normally deep rooted in the decisions and experiences that took place in your past lives, which have now infiltrated their way into your present day. Disguising themselves as fears, phobias, and all sorts of health and other dysfunctional present life issues. In some instances, causing untold pain and unnecessary suffering, as Joanfrances says, on all levels, due to the negative or misplace Karma that is now awakened from its dormant state and is now very much active within our Subconscious, which will inevitably play out in our present life circumstances.  Wanted or not, it is happening on some level.   This is one of the main reasons Joanfrances decided to introduce, “On the Road Mini Past Life Surrogacy Reveal Demonstrations”.  She believes everyone should have an opportunity to witness for themselves the complex and fascinating impressions our Past Lives can have on our present day. This is what she calls “Bearing Witness.”

Want to volunteer? A week before the event begins you will have the opportunity to print off the blank Past Life Surrogacy© Voluntary Participation Disclosure Form from Joanfrances Facebook page at the form will be pinned to the top of page.  You will be asked to Print and fill it in, keep it safe till the Demo event time. Put as much as you can remember about your health and life, even your dislikes …. every detail. Don’t discuss or reveal to anyone your personal details contend on your form. Remember to bring it with you to the demo, where you will have the opportunity to have it validated (signature check) it will then be stapled shut and YOU will place it into a box (if you wish to be a volunteer), which will always remain in full view of the Audience. Remember Joanfrances will NOT have seen any details on your disclosure form before or during the demo. In fact, Joanfrances will never touch the box. A member of the Audience will choose a fully completed form, from the box, in full view of everyone. The Name on the form will be called out and the signature again authenticated by an assistant. All good, Joanfrances will begin the Past life Surrogacy© Reveal. No filled in and signed Form, no Past Life.

1) After the volunteer’s past life is relived and revealed by Joanfrances as the Surrogate this information contained in your form will help to corroborate the mimicking connections between your Past Life Revealed and your Present Life circumstances. It is truly fascinating to watch as it unfolds in front of your eyes  
2) The form helps authenticate the Past Life information revealed and connecting the real probable cause of diagnosed and unidentified ailments, fears, phobias, negative and positive personality traits, also disclose the possible reasons behind negative situations you are repeatedly drawn into, in this present life. Also, it can reveal the reasons behind your likes and dislikes and lots more.
3) Each mini Past Life Surrogacy© Reveal lasts about 20 to 30mins from start to final discussion.  You may not think that a full Past Life could be revealed in this short time but believe me it can the Surrogate way. The way Joanfrances Gift of Surrogacy© works, is it cuts through everything else to expose the true nature of the events that are now causing havoc in the persons / animal’s present life. 

The details are incredible as Joanfrances relives the major circumstances that have been created and is enforcing the person to live within the shadows of the condition Joanfrances named, “Past Life Syndrome” ©.  At the end if you where NOT picked as a Volunteer you will be able to collect your unread form from a member of Staff by showing your ID with your name on it i.e. Driver Licence, Bank Card, any official ID card. Any forms not collected will be shredded unopened and then burned.  Thanks Joanfrances Boyle, Past life Surrogacy Expert©


Saturday 8/24/19
10 AM - 4 PM Who Was I v. Who Am I Today $110
Past Life Retrieval with a difference!
It is well known that our Past Life has an impact on how this Present Life IS PLAYING OUT! It is also well known how our Past Incarnations effect how we attract or reject Love and Abundance into our present-day life! Therefore, it is a forgone conclusion that our Past Lives influence how we interact with people, geographical places, artefacts and mush more. If this is true, it is IMPORTANT that we understand our memory is also eternal. Therefore, another forgone conclusion would be to think that these memories of our past incarnation can be suppressed (Passive) or active within our present day subconscious. These active Past Life memories are constantly COMMUNICATING positive and negative inner dialog, which our EGO reacts to daily. The big question is: do you know which of your negative traits are being influenced from a previous life’s negative inner dialogue. The next question is. Are you actively encouraging or discouraging self on many dimensional levels? This workshop will fascinate and enlighten you. Come and experience for yourself full Past Life journey and analysis with one of the Leading Experts in the field of Past Life Retrieval and Expert in the field of Past Life Surrogacy, Joanfrances Boyle.

2PM - 4PM Psychic Art Workshop $25 with Colin Hall
Colin Hall is a international Medium Psychic Artist and Healer presenting the workshop "Mediumship and Spiritual Art"  We start with Meditations that help us delve a little deeper into the inspiration of the Soul; the place where our wonderful spiritual gifts of the Arts and mediumship reside. We will be creating Auragraphs working and learning about colors symbols and their connection to the spiritual would. This workshop helps build your confidence in your Art  Mediumship and Healing.  It is also designed to open your creativity and develop your spiritual gifts along your spiritual pathway and to learn to go with the flow. The course includes the practice and use of pastels pencils.   This workshop is suitable for students of all levels. Spend some precious time with like minded people.

7PM - 9PM Table Tipping $25 with Janice Nelson Kroesser

Sunday 8/25/19
2PM - 4PM Orbs and Elementals Communication $25
Have you ever wondered if you are ever truly alone when sitting at home, in the office or in the garden or anywhere for that matter?  Orb, Luminosities, Earth Elementals and Ghostly Images show up in our videos and pictures for a reason. “They” don’t just want their picture taken, “they” are not vain, “they” wish to communicate, WITH YOU!  Joanfrances will demonstrate with her own pictures – which are amazing! Then she will teach you the simple ways to identify with Orbs or Luminosities, Earth Elementals and Ghostly Images within your own pictures. Do bring your own pictures along, even if you think there is nothing in them, lol. There has been many times Joanfrances has pointed out Ghostly Figures and Earth Elementals in pictures that where never recognized by others before she pointed them out.   Plus, bring your own camera and we will experiment in capturing some Orb, Luminosities, Earth Elementals and Ghostly Images on this beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Monday 8/26/19
7PM - 9PM Message Circle $20 with Joanfrancis Boyle
The guest medium gives 10-12 minute readings to participants. If more than 12-15 people attend the Circle, a backup medium will be available. This is usually done with attendees sitting in a circle. Please pay at the door. No advance tickets. All are welcome.

Tuesday 8/27/19
7PM - 9PM The Magic of Transfiguration $25
Are you fascinated by the power of Merging Spirit, with one intention, communication? Whether you be the instrument for Trance (sitter), or the observer (attendee) one thing is for sure, the intention of this workshop is to create the platform for you to experience more than the past traditional ways of Transfiguration. Therefore, if you are a lay person to Trance or you are an Empath, Medium Healer, Psychic or your curiosity has been awakened. This is the workshop you will talk about for a long time to come …. Not to be missed!  Come along and change your perception forever.  Joanfrances Boyle, has been a Trance and Transfiguration Medium for over 30 Years. She has conducted countless classes, workshops, and courses on this topic.  Recently, Joanfrances was Spiritually guided to conduct THE FIRST OF ITS KIND, a 5-week long series of LIVE ON-LINE TRANSFIGURATION WORKSHOPS. This was definitely a leap of faith on Joanfrances’ part but where there is faith, Spirit will deliver. The results where amazing and the video and photographic evidence was outstanding.  There was excitement and advanced learning for all.   Come take this workshop to whatever level you wish it to be for you……there are no limits. As we are Limitless!

Wednesday 8/28/19
7PM - 9PM Message Circle $20 with Joanfrancis Boyle
The guest medium gives 10-12 minute readings to participants. If more than 12-15 people attend the Circle, a backup medium will be available. This is usually done with attendees sitting in a circle. Please pay at the door. No advance tickets. All are welcome.

Joanfrancis Boyle

Joanfrancis Boyle
International Psychic, Medium and Past Life Surrogate©, Joanfrances Boyle, is a warm hearted down to earth happy medium. She has been Mediumistic since childhood and has experienced over 30 years of Public Demonstration, Teaching and Speaking Platform Engagements. She has been featured in many Leading Magazines, Newspapers and has appeared on Live Television and been interviewed on live Radio due to her Mediumship and Psychic Talents.

Joanfrances qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 1996 and has led countless workshops and courses in the field of Past Life Retrieval. She is well known for her insight in the area of Past Life analysis. This is due to her phenomenal psychic ability, which aids her to cut through the inner negative dialogue that your ego mind more often accepts and reacts too. Joanfrances will help you to reach the truth about the self, which is awaiting to be discovered, within your Past Life Journey. Together we can set you free from old unwanted Patterns that don’t serve you any longer.

Joanfrances Boyle, is well known for her Unique Gift of Past Life Surrogacy©. She is completing her First book called Past Life Surrogacy© - The Cutting Edge of Karma, which is riveting and packed full of past Life journeys that will make your Jaw Drop! Many past life encounters create dysfunctional life patterns in this life time. Often, we struggle to identity with these patterns as they have become the norm but normal, they are not. The lesion of the book is that there are ways to identify if you are a living example of Past life Syndrome.

Or book a private session with me at the Mediums Cottage.

More insight ………. Joanfrances is also the creator of Reading Auras Intuitively, Chakra Discovery and Healing Intuitively, development and healing systems. She is also the Channel for the Dynamic Dimensional Living and Past Life Energetic Therapy Systems.

“The Psychic Property Surveyor” is another of Joanfrances gifts, utilising her talent of Remote Viewing and Projective Mediumistic Talents, her unique way in clearing energies usually results in an increase in productivity and wealth.

Joanfrances is qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist (full 60 aspects), Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Indian Head Massage Therapist, Tarot Consultant. She holds certification as an Executive Firewalking Instructor (member of F.I.R.E.), utilising Extreme Life Metaphors, such as Firewalking with your bare feet, Glasswalking with your bare feet, Arrow Breaking with your bare throat, Board and Brick breaking with your bare hand. Joanfrances utilizes these extreme life metaphors into classes workshops and course for the empowerment of Spiritual Development, and as a Mind Navigation tool, but most of all for the development of “Symmetrical Thinking©.

Colin Hall
Colin conducts workshops throughout Germany, Austria, USA, Switzerland, Canada, and UK. He shares his vast knowledge and teaches the fundamentals of Art, Mediumship, and Meditation. As a renowned teacher in the metaphysical and spiritual art, Colin’s artwork delves into the realms of the Angels and the four elements.