Camp Etna   A spiritual summer camp run by the Etna Spiritualist Association

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August 22- August 29
Rev. Joanfrances Boyle

Due to a family emergency, Joanfrancis' workshops have been cancelled.

People who have paid for classes with Joanfrancis through Paypal will have their money refunded.

Please check back for new programming that has been scheduled for the week.

Joanfrancis Boyle

Friday 8/23/19
4:30 - 6:30PM Mediumship & Spiritual Artwork Workshop  $25 with Colin Hall

In this workshop. Colin Hall; England medium builds your confidence in Art and Mediumship.  It is designed to open your creativity and develop your Spiritual gifts pathways by just going with the flow.  There is no need to be an artist, this class is designed to help you get in touch with how your inner Soul creates.  Instruction will be given on color symbols and their connection to the Spirit World.  We will be creating auragraphs.  There will also be a meditation that helps us go a little deeper into the inspiration of our Soul, where our wonderful Spiritual gifts are waiting to be set free. 

Saturday 8/24/19

10am - 12pm
The Mindful Medium
How do we blend Mindfulness with evidential mediumship? What is the importance of “being in the moment” when connecting with Spirit as we enter into the three way conversation of sitter-Spirit-Medium? What is our responsibility in our mediumship practices to blend the two together? Let’s gather and discuss these issues and explore how this partnership can expand our Mediumship practices.

Sunday 8/25
2-4pm Today’s Development Circles
In a Spiritualist’s busy life, making a personal commitment to the development circles, like those in our rich history, can be difficult, to say the least. However, there remains to be many positive benefits to sitting regularly in the energy with the same people. Let’s explore the purpose of development circles, participant’s roles, and the continued development and experiences that can benefit all participants, as well as promote our rich history.

2PM - 4PM Psychic Art Workshop $25 with Colin Hall

Colin Hall is a international Medium Psychic Artist and Healer presenting the workshop "Mediumship and Spiritual Art"  We start with Meditations that help us delve a little deeper into the inspiration of the Soul; the place where our wonderful spiritual gifts of the Arts and mediumship reside. We will be creating Auragraphs working and learning about colors symbols and their connection to the spiritual would

This workshop helps build your confidence in your Art  Mediumship and Healing.  It is also designed to open your creativity and develop your spiritual gifts along your spiritual pathway and to learn to go with the flow. The course includes the practice and use of pastels pencils.   This workshop is suitable for students of all levels. Spend some precious time with like minded people.

7PM - 9PM Table Tipping $25 with Janice Nelson Kroesser

Tuesday 8/27

7-9 pm: Past Life Regression with Pat and Norm Heitman $30

Our Past Lives have an impact on our present. It can effect how we attract or repel Love and Abundance into our daily life.
It is important that we understand our soul is eternal. Therefore, our past incarnations can be suppressed within our present day subconscious. The big question is: do you know which of your negative traits are being influenced from a previous life’s negative influences? Are you actively encouraging or discouraging self on dimensional levels?


Colin Hall
Colin conducts workshops throughout Germany, Austria, USA, Switzerland, Canada, and UK. He shares his vast knowledge and teaches the fundamentals of Art, Mediumship, and Meditation. As a renowned teacher in the metaphysical and spiritual art, Colin’s artwork delves into the realms of the Angels and the four elements.

Robin Gillette, CSM
Robin Gillette is a Certified Spiritualist Medium who is an active member and educator of the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism.  Robin is a Reiki Master Practitioner, studied the Stone People’s Medicine for 3 years and received her certificate to practice, as well as an educator for SCOS offering classes in Mediumship I & II, Spiritual Truths, Mindfulness and development circles for “Future Workers.” Robin participates in #thekindnessrocksproject, spreading inspired messages of hope and love to many.

Pat and Norm Heitman

Norm and Pat began their hypnosis training in 2007 in Pennsylvania, later that year studying with Brian Weiss, M.D. and his wife Carol, at Omega in Rhinebeck, N.Y. for Past Life Regression skills. Taking people to their own life experiences to connect with the now is a great gift in healing the self through time. Come journey with them Tuesday night!