Camp Etna   A spiritual summer camp run by the Etna Spiritualist Association

Kelly Purington 12-5
Kelly Purington is a Professional Medium/Psychic who is able to connect with those that have crossed over. She has a special affinity for working with those who are grieving. Kelly connects quickly with heart, helping to transform inconsolable grief into the beginning of the healing process. Kelly’s psychic, medium and empathic abilities began in early childhood. She has not only used them to navigate her life, but to guide others on their path as well. As a Spiritual Medium and Life Coach, Kelly has worked with clients all over the world on the grieving process as well as finding their own answers within. Kelly’s psychic and empathic abilities are used to help those looking for guidance with Career, Finance as well as love life. Kelly is gifted in being able to tap empathically into situations, as well as people, helping to determine what is going on. She has worked with clients worldwide.