Camp Etna   A spiritual summer camp run by the Etna Spiritualist Association

Rev. Dr, Philip Delong

Rev. Dr. Philip DeLong is a Medium and Mystic, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Counselor and Healer, Teacher and Lecturer in “all things Metaphysical.  I have been attuned to Crystals and Metaphysics since early childhood, and have had a near-death experience at the age of 12. This experience has brought me into the arms of Spirit in the Angelic Realm, and has guided my path. I see the world through different eyes. I work with the Ascended Masters and I AM Presence for divine communication and inspiration. I have a strong tie to the mineral kingdom with my passion crystals and rocks, and have a strong connection and knowledge of Native American and indigenous peoples.

Affectionately, my friends call me Dr. Phil. Through my Guides, I use my Spiritual Medium gifts to connect to Spirit to bring through your Loved Ones and Guides for the messages and guidance you need.  I have made an effort to integrate the expressed intelligence of many who carry the torch of truth. I embrace the expression of gratitude for the Light that I have been granted, and to share my gifts for the service of others. Embracing Hope, it is the one Truth that acknowledges that the validity of all predictions is always in the hands of those who are willing to make change and use their Free Will accordingly.

My personal interests are in helping people understand their life and soul purpose. I enjoy Metaphysics, the Godforce, Crystals, Crystal Skulls, Cultural traditions, and being One with the Universe. .”   I AM a Crystal Skull Caretaker, and work with the Crystal Skull energies and Sacred Geometry for healing and divine communication.

Rev. Dr. Philip DeLong is an Ordained Minister at the International Association of Metaphysics (I.A.M.) and a Certified Spiritual Counselor (Medium), Spiritual Healing Practitioner and Teacher through I.A.M.  He is also Ordained through the Lively Stones World Healing Fellowship and has been bestowed a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Lively Stones Fellowship.  Philip is a member of the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Cassadaga, Florida.

Contact information:
Mobile:           386-453-9356

July 6-12  Rev. Dr. Philip Delong

Rev. Dr. Philip DeLong is available for private readings during his week at Camp Etna. If you have questions about his classes or readings before his scheduled week you can contract him by phone at 386-453-9356 (cell) or email:  You can also visit his website  During his scheduled week (starting at 2pm Thursday, July 6 to Wednesday, July 12) Philip can be reached by phoning the Medium's Cottage at 207-269-2226.


7:00-9:00pm Discover The Power Of The Third Eye  $25
Discover the Power of the Third Eye and its importance to Spiritual Work. This workshop will discuss the history of the 3rd Eye, its development through the ages and how it applies to Spiritualism.  Attendees will gain an understanding of how Spirit uses the Mind’s Eye to attune to Spiritual Impressions. This is a Hands-on workshop, and attendees will participate in exercises to Awaken the Third Eye. Class is limited to 20.


10:00am-4:00pm The Spiritual Chakras $110
Understand, Cleanse and Balance the Higher Chakras 8-12.  This workshop will introduce you to the Spiritual Chakras 8 -12 and demystify them, along with their relationships to Chakras 1-7 and the Earth Chakra 0.  Experience these sacred centers and healing energies through hands-on exercises. 
Spiritual Chakra   8  The Center of Divine Love (Chakra 8, aka Golden Crown)
Spiritual Chakra   9  Karmic Blueprint (aka Memory/Time Continuum)
Spiritual Chakra 10  The Center of Divine Creativity (aka Soul Star)
Spiritual Chakra 11  Soul Path Center(aka Eternal Soul)  
Spiritual Chakra 12  Doorway to the Cosmos and Ascension Energies (aka Universal Mind)
Class is limited to 20.


Sacred Geometry & You  $25 each or $40 both   Class is limited to 20.
Find out how Sacred Geometry impacts all aspects of your life.  Explore how the spirit senses are integrated through the symphony, vibrations, and expressions of Sacred Geometry.  Find out how Sacred Geometry impacts all aspects of your life.  Explore how the spirit senses are integrated through the symphony, vibrations, and expressions of Sacred Geometry.  Through the Patterns of Life, one will discover how our Chakras accentuate our Cosmic Consciousness and allow Spirit to work with us. This workshop is Hands-on and includes a meditation to discover your inner being.

Discover the Harmonics of the Universe as expressed through Light and Sound.  Understand how Spirit embodies these vibrations to attune and connect Light-Spirit-Body with Universal Consciousness.


7:00-9:00pm Get Energized by The Violet Flame! $25 Class is limited to 20.
Discover the alchemy, transformation, healing and spiritual energies that assist you in all aspects of your everyday life.  In this workshop you will discover: What the Violet Flame Does • How the Violet Flame Works • The Alchemist's Dream • How to Use the Violet Flame • Crystal Energies of the Violet Flame • Decrees to the Violet Flame

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Philip DeLong