Camp Etna   A spiritual summer camp run by the Etna Spiritualist Association

July 19-25 Camp Etna Mediums

Saturday June 24 

7 pm Table Tipping $20 Janice Nelson Kroesser

8-9 pm Psychic Self Protection or Defense against the Dark Arts $20 Dr. Barbara Williams & Steve Williams
This is a must have class that will go over how to protect yourself while doing an investigation and in life.

9 pm Ghost Hunting 101 & Beyond $40 Dr. Barbara Williams & Steve Williams
Basic techniques and more, as well as the chance to do an investigation with real time paranormal investigators. Please bring flashlight, camera, recorder, safe walking shoes, and any other equipment you have. This one is more than a walking tour. No experience needed.

Sunday June 25

10:30 am Church, Guest Speaker Reverend Candace Nadine Breen,

Private Readings: Laurie Xanthos 207-647-1127

1-4 pm Dowsing For Answers $30 James Kidder
Students will learn how to use Dowsers to effectively connect with Divine Energy. Dowsers can help find lost items, depict where water is, bring clarity of what you are questioning. A scavenger hunt will be enjoyed and directed by the dowsers as to where historic items, clues and people are on the Etna grounds. This class is a great way to become more familiar with this powerful resource tool and the history of Camp

9-10:30 Late Night Transfiguration $20 Laurie Xanthos

Monday June 26

Private Readings: Kelly Dawn Purington 207-949-1154 and Chris Smith 207-530-1277

1-3 pm Test the Medium $20 Chris Smith
We will tap into spirit awareness with games and exercises, and how to use this gift.  In this test, we are all the Medium. There will be a chance for Q & A, and then we will have a series of games and exercises to strengthen, enhance, and even control the gifts.

4-6 pm Primal Empowerment$20 Chris Smith
Using your own, individual primal, movements, and will release thoughts that no longer serve you and find your core essence. Guided visualization towards an emotion, associate a sound (and where in your body you feel it’s coming from), followed by movements to instrumental music.

7pm Séance Circle, Kelly Dawn Purington

Tuesday June 27

Private Readings: Katie Dobbins 207-269-2492

1-4 PM Drum Making w/Dwight Grant $230 ($35 non-refundable deposit by June 20th)
Make your own 13” drum and drum beater with a Native American from the Passamaquoddy Bear Clan.
Materials for the drum & beater are included. Dwight will bless the drums in a Native American Ceremony once assembled.

7 pm Gallery Readings with Katie Dobbins

Wednesday June 28

1-3 pm Developing Your Divine Potential $20 Laurie Xanthos
Learn how to realize when you are experiencing a moment from your Sacred Contract; the blueprint that accompanied you in this lifetime and perhaps other lifetimes as well. This class will help you to "see" and understand the greater meaning of your experiences and its connectivity to the Divine, enabling you to fulfill your contract with greater ease and less self-doubt.

7 pm Message Circle, Laurie Xanthos

Thursday June 29

Private Readings: Dr Barbara Williams 207-252-3018

4-5:30 pm Divination and Scrying $20 Dr Barbara Williams
Learn the art of scrying and divination with mirrors, pendulums, pastels, candles, and more.

6-9 pm Group Past Life Regression Practitioner Certification (three day class) $185, Rev Dr Janet Decker
Leading a group of people through a past life regression can be fun, interesting, and profitable! Learn how to conduct group Past Life Regressions safely and correctly and receive your certification as a "Group Past Life Regression Practitioner" from the International Metaphysical University (IMU) as well. No past hypnosis training needed. Great for parties!

Friday June 30

Private Readings:  Rev.Graham Connolly 207-318-9037

9-12am Past Life Regression (continued) Rev Dr Janet Decker

1-5 pm Past Life Regression (continued)

4-5:30 pm Our Universal Connection: How It Enhances the Quality of Our Spiritual Evolution $20 Rev. Graham Connolly
This workshop explores our human energy field and how consciously and subconsciously it is influenced and influences events, manifestations and relationships in our lives. We will experience exercises and tips to develop our intuition, psychic and mediumship skills utilizing our human energy communication system. In addition, we will discuss how important this field is for health as it is the basis of bioenergetics. 

7 pm Gallery Readings, Rev. Graham Connolly

Saturday July 1

Private Readings: Wachain Welch 207-514-6023

9-12 pm  and 1-5 pm Past Life Regression (continued) Rev Dr Janet Decker

7-8:30 pm Manifestation Made Simple $20 Angie Butler Welch
Have you ever wanted to learn the secrets to manifesting your desires? What’s holding you back from achieving your dreams or attracting the things and people you want in your life?  Angie will show you the 4 simple steps to manifest your desires.  We’ll also cover the common pitfalls and slip ups.

Sunday July 2

Private Readings: Angie Butler Welch 207-266-1555 and Wachain Welch 207-514-6023

10:30 Church Service, Camp Etna Mediums with Wachain Welch

1: -3:30 pm Ignite Your Artistic Fire - Intuitive Angel Painting Class $30 + $10 material fee, Angie Butler 
Following gentle guidance, participants will use acrylics on canvas to create their own intuitive angel painting.  Time will be spent during and at the end of class interpreting the messages that goes along with their individual piece.  No experience necessary, all supplies included in material fee. Limit 12 people

Monday July 3

Private Readings: Karlene Tanner 207-355-1554

7 pm Séance Circle, Karlene Tanner

Wednesday July 5

Private Readings: Bonnie Lee 207-649-7089 and Ernie VanDenBossche 207-649-9655

1-4 pm The Hypnosis Journey $30 Ernie VanDenBossche BCH, CIHypnotherapists use Hypnosis with people seeking help to create change in their lives. Self-hypnosis is a tool anyone can use. It’s simple and easy. Explore how hypnosis works for the mind, body and soul. Take advantage of the powers of the mind to make intentional, purposeful, positive self-change. Through the subconscious mind, we can change habits of the past and/or direct physical improvements for the future. Experience hypnosis in this class and for the rest of your life. You will have a better understanding of yourself.

7 pm Message Circle: Bonnie Lee and Ernie VanDenBossche

Thursday July 6

Private Readings: Rev Dr Janet Decker (207) 404-1845

1-3 pm Awaken and Expand Your Psychic Gifts With Hypnosis $35.00 Rev.Janet Decker C.Ht
This class teaches proper hypnosis techniques to awaken and expand your psychic and mediummystic gifts, as well as when and how to instantly engage them and when not to. Includes a free CD or MP3 specifically designed to increase your strongest psychic/mediummystic gift. 

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