August 30-September 6  Joanfrances Boyle

Joanfrances Boyle is available for private readings during her week at Camp Etna. If you have questions about her classes or readings before her scheduled week you can contract her by phone at +44 (0) 783-225-1798 (SCOTLAND) or email:   You can also visit her website   During her scheduled week (starting at 2pm Thursday, August 17 to Wednesday, August 23) Joanfrances can be reached by phoning the Medium's Cottage at 207-269-2226.


7:00-9:30pm Energetic Tweaking $33

SATURDAY, September 1  10:00-4:30pm Target Remove Viewing - Past - Present-Future   $100 both days
SUNDAY, AUGUST 20  1:00-5:00pm Target Remove Viewing Cont.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 22  7:00-9:30pm Anatomy of Chakra and the Language of Color Using a Pendulum

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 Camp Etna   A spiritual summer camp run by the Etna Spiritualist Association

Joanfrances Boyle

A  Little Insight, Joanfrances has a wealth of experience which she has shared with thousands over a past 29 years within Public Demonstration, Speaking Engagements, and not forgetting Teaching incorporating all of her skills, talents and knowledge into Courses, Workshops, Seminars and Classes.

Joanfrances has been Mediumistic since childhood incorporating all seven senses and has continued to develop her intuitive skills becoming an Intuitive Diagnostic, a Projective Mediumistic and Remote Viewer.

She has her own Live Radio Show on Journey into the Light at Blog Talk Radio and has also appeared on Live Television and been interviewed on various other Live Radio programmes. Joanfrances has been featured in many Leading Magazines, Newspapers and at present writes her own Column called AURASCOPE©.

Joanfrances is the Channel and creator of 3 psychic development systems called Reading Auras Intuitively, Chakra Discovery, Intuitive Life Coaching, and 4 healing systems called Healing Intuitively, Amaran Reiki, Dynamic Dimensional Living System AND the fabulous Past Life Energetic Therapy. She has also formulated Guided Visual Meditations (Cds and Mp3) called Body Intelligence and Bus Ride To Heaven and much more to come!

Joanfrances conducts private and group consultations as a Healer, Medium and Psychic Reader. She can also conduct classes and workshops in any of her gifts and talents. Joanfrances is often called upon to work with private home owners and large and small corporate industries of all kinds as “The Psychic Property Surveyor©” utilising her talent of Remote Viewing and Projective Mediumistic Talents, her unique way in clearing energies usually results in an increase in productivity and wealth, which she is introducing to Maine this year (Workshop Psychic Surveying).

Joanfrances is also an Executive Firewalking Instructor and a member of F.I.R.E. She utilises Extreme Life Metaphors, such as Firewalking and Glasswalking with your bare feet, Arrow Breaking with your bare throat, Board and Brick breaking with your bare hand, for the empowerment of Spiritual Development, and as a Mind Navigation tool, but most of all for the development of “Symmetrical Thinking©.

Aura and Chakra Consultant, Clinical Hypnotherapist (full 60 aspects), Past Life Energetic Consultant (Creator), Executive Firewalker Instructor, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master Teacher,

Amaran Reiki Master Teacher, Dimensional Reiki Master Teacher, Dimensional Nucleus Activation Consultant / Teacher, Intuitive Life Coach (Teacher), Indian Head Massage (Therapist and Teacher), Psychic Property Surveyor (Teacher), Meditation and Mediumistic /Psychic Development Instructor.

Joanfrances Boyle   Book a private session in advance at or PM me at Facebook Joan Frances Boyle or tel +44 (0)1698331008