Camp Etna   A spiritual summer camp run by the Etna Spiritualist Association

Sue Dhalbi: My fascination with the “invisible world” goes back to my early childhood. I've always had an innate sense that there is much more to this universe than what is seen by the human eye. As a young teenager, I fed this fascination by reading tons of books on spirituality, spriritual healing, and mediumship.

It took me a long time to discover that there had been several generations of healers/mediums in my family, afterall, my family upbringing had been more atheistic in nature. It was first after the death of my Spanish grandmother that I developed a close relationshiop with my uncle, who shared his life story with me - and that of his father’s as well. My grandfather had an innate sixth sense, which he first really recognized during the Spanish civil war. He could intuitively. My uncle was able to take his skills to the next level. He immersed himself into learning about spiritual healing methods and mediumship which eventually brought him into the position of being the village healer where he lived. Amoung many gifts he was able to share was the ability to help locate missing people by sharing information on their exact whereabouts.

At the age of 16 I started working energetically through "laying on of hands" and helping those close to me. My uncle helped me learn how to work with, and direct energy for healing purposes.

The desire and importance I place on doing this work became very clear to me early on. In my early twenties, I completed an intensive multi-year education as a medium (messages from beyond) I attended various schools in Switzerland. From there I was able to take my first jump into the realm of working as a medium on an international level.

Today I work in Bern, Switzerland as a full time medium and pass on my knowledge to others through workshops and seminars on various subjects. The work that I do constantly expands my world through encounters with different ideas and cultures such as Germany, Spain, Finland, England, USA. The more experiences that we have the wider our spectrum becomes. Today I work in Switzerland, Germany and Spain as a full time medium and pass on my knowledge to others through workshops and seminars on various subjects. The work that I do constantly expands my world through encounters with different ideas and cultures trough my international work such as Germany, Spain, Finland, England, USA. The more experiences that we have the wider our spectrum becomes.

Wachian Welch is a Psychic Medium, Shamanic healer and Reiki II practitioner from Maine offering psychic medium readings and healings that often include intuitive Native American Flute music.  Working in the holistic field for over fifteen years and following the Native American Spiritual path, Wachian feels a very deep connection to Spirit and is drawn to help others achieve that as well. Wachian plays his flutes intuitively, an ability he did not learn by instruction but one that was gifted to him by Spirit. Wachian experiences a very close connection to the earth, allowing him to receive unique psychic and intuitive messages from nature spirits, and the land that offer an ancient and wise perspective to humans. Wachian often travels on his two wheeled modern day horse/motorcycle, and lives his life “Rollin’ w/Spirit”.
Wachian Welch 207-514-6023

Joao Carlos Bordallo is an instructor of Movement Concept and is a Master of Brazilian martial art, Capoeira. His work is a unique combination of martial art, dance and meditation that blends balance, agility, strength, music and mindfulness. Joan’s work is inspired by his training in Sufism in Turkey and Germany, and his study of Butoh in Japan. He has traveled as a teacher and creative instructor to Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

Ann Robson is a British Medium who has been actively involved with Spiritualism for over 50 years. She is a Minister of the Spiritualist National Union (SNU), served as President at Billingham SNU Church for 30 years and is the Membership secretary for the International Spiritualist Federation. She has served churches and centers around the UK and abroad both demonstrating her mediumship and teaching development classes, groups and workshops on varying aspects of Mediumship and Psychic awareness. She is known for her fun and down to earth approach to Mediumship and her dedication to spirit and Spiritualism.

Kimberley Charest has been clairvoyant from a young age and has a strong connection with the spirit realm. In 2009, she started developing mental and physical mediumship. She has a strong affinity for table tipping and enjoys showing evidence of the continuity of life through this physical mediumship modality.

Kimberly is a member of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches and is a founding member of the Spiritualist Church of Eternal life in Sabattus, Maine

Graham Connolly is a Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, and certified Cranial Sacral Therapist (CST I & CST II) with the Upledger Institute. The shamanic practice was built upon graduation from the original 2-year Apprenticeship and Advanced workshops with Evelyn Rysdyk and Allie Knowlton of Spirit Passages. During that 2-year program techniques learned included power animal connection, pattern extraction, soul retrieval, experiencing the death process and leading souls to the Light of God (or whichever deity you choose to express that Divine presence or guidance).

In terms of mediumship Graham has followed the path to validate Continuity of Life and is credentialed as a Certified Medium with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC). Other credentialed certificates with NSAC include Ordained Minister, National Spiritualist Teacher and commissioned healer.

Graham prioritizes the spiritual and secular welfare of mankind. Consequently being of service to the community is paramount. He is also very involved with the International Spiritualist Federation (ISF) and gets to meet many excellent workers of Spirit from around the world. He has also worked with, and experienced healings, from shamans of Ecuador and Peru.

Chris Smith is a medium, psychic investigator, writer, and creator of Primal Empowerment.  He’s an inspirational speaker and musician.  His passion is to bring messages full of joy, laughter, and healing to those in need of it.  He’s been intuitive his entire life, and drawn to using these gifts to help those once perceived unsolved mysteries.  His goal is bring comfort to all parties involved in tragedies in that don't make the national news.

Angie Butler Welch is an Intuitive Artist and Psychic Medium from Maine.  From a very early age she was able to see and connect with angels and people who had passed.  As a lifelong spiritual student, Angie has spent many years learning and nurturing those abilities.  In more recent years she began drawing and painting, while channeling messages.  This newfound gift led to her unique offering of "Art Mediumship".  Leap of Faith is the business name she uses, as it captures her personal journey to create and deliver the messages of her soul.  When working with you as a client, Angie will tap into your energy to create a personal intuitive piece, complete with the message(s) that Spirit wants her to share with you.  She is able to connect with the angels, your guides, and loved ones who have passed. Angie also offers readings and guidance working with the Akashic Records - the sacred energy domain that holds the recording of the journey of your soul. In addition to offering messages, Angie loves to share her knowledge and teach workshops.  She lives the life of manifestion and enjoys teaching others how to attract their desires.  Angie also enjoys painting and helping others to ignite their own artistic fire. Angie is honored to have this gift and feels it is her responsibility to share the truth that love is eternal, life is a gift of learning, and we are all connected.  Namaste.

Ernie works as a medium and healer to aid humanity. Spirit is his guide in his work with the afterlife. He teaches that Spirit works with each of us to bring forth the new day and to prepare us to step forward on our pathways. Your friends and loved ones on the "other side" help show you new directions, confirm what you question and help with personal healing, physical and emotional. He has been working with Spiritualism in Maine for 25 years.

Dr. Barbara Williamsis a well-known professional psychic medium, healer, and medical intuitive who resides in Maine. Frequently asked to do radio interviews she gives readings sight unseen as well as spiritual direction. She has dedicated over 43 years in the healing and holistic health field incorporating a wide array of healing modalities.  Barbara teaches psychic development and enjoys helping people open up to their psychic abilities. She organizes several different spiritual and psychic development classes throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and California. She serves the Spiritualist churches and camps all over Maine. Barbara has been the Camp Director for the program at Camp Etna, a mediums community for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.
Every Columbus Day weekend at Acres of Wildlife Campground in Steep falls Maine since 2007, she holds a healing and mediums retreat open for everyone. Being blessed with her abilities all her life has opened many doors along the way. She has been doing readings most of her adult life. Dr. Barbara Williams is an active participant in paranormal investigations and has her PhD in metaphysics.  Appointed New England Ghost Director for Maine in the past allowed many opportunities for teaching and helping others in the paranormal field.  Investigating since the 1980s she has trained many people in the paranormal world. Honing her skills in safety pertaining to paranormal investigations, she has worked with many groups. Presenting as a national speaker on this subject, her mission is to keep investigators safe and people safe in their homes.

Reverend Iddi Eiriksson is an Accredited Medium with the British Spiritualists Federation and has provided mediumship training at many international conferences and events. He is also a Spiritual Healer and has now been certified as a Bereavement Councilor through the Butterfly Fellowship Spiritualists Church.

Iddi has been a member of International Spiritualist Federation (ISF) for over 25 years and participated in ISF events as they traveled to Sweden, Finland, Scotland, Eastborne, Slovenia, USA, Austria, Germany, Iceland, and Switzerland. Iddi has taught mental medium ship, trance medium,  physical medium & Healing. He has been giving readings using Icelandic Viking Cards for over 20 years

Coral Ryder is a British Medium, Spirit Portrait & Psychic Artist who serves Churches and Centres in the UK and abroad. She is the daughter of SNU Minister Ann Robson and SNU Healer Jim Robson and as such has grown up with an awareness of spirit and Spiritualism. In 2005 she was told by spirit to put down what she was doing and to draw. With spirit guiding her hand she has developed the ability to draw spirit portraits reuniting people with the faces of their loved ones. In 2012 she had the honour of being the first person to gain a Certificate of Recognition (CSNU) from the Spiritualist National Union in demonstrating Spirit Art.

She runs workshops on both the subjects of Spirit and Psychic Art; helping others to explore their mediumship through art and discover the hidden artist within. She regularly tutors for the International Spiritualist Federation (ISF) at their Fraternal weeks and weekends in various countries across the globe as well as running weekly audio classes on SNUI the Spiritualists National Unions International website covering Spirit Portraits and Auragraphs. Along with her art Coral is the co-editor of Yours Fraternally, a small international spiritual magazine, makes hand crafted items and writes inspired poetry, one of which was used as the lyrics to 'Spiritual Age', a song written to celebrate Hydesville day.

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